Restore XP Bonus to Heirloom Gear

Spam time walker dungeons, and use the badges to buy upgrade tokens. Is something they should just go ahead, and implement now, instead of waiting until 9.1.5 imo. They can call it 9.1.4, and a half :laughing:

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I mean, all leveling quests do that. Heirlooms will preserve enchants and you don’t have to keep transmogging as you level (unless you like looking like a runway explosion).

And while the set bonuses aren’t great now, they’re better than nothing :man_shrugging:t4:

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My suggestion to appease the “but maaaaa” people is to make a new loom [Big Ball of XP] (edited to be sensitive friendly) [Big Sphere of XP] a ring or neck or trinket that gives 55% xp :slight_smile: So people who want to use looms but don’t want to level fast :confused: can do so they just don’t equip the Sphere, people who want to level fast can equip the Sphere. No ones jollies are affected :+1: Well, besides those people who don’t want other people to be happy, their jollies are affected :rofl:


My suggestion would be to buy a boost if you want to level quick.

Blizz can look forward to about $240 from me once they unlock 60 boosts since I have 4 characters trapped in Threads of Fate :laughing:

Those without disposable income or the ability to make 772k gold

would probably appreciate the Sphere though :slight_smile:

I’m just glad they are making Threads of Fate a little faster by nerfing the bonus objectives a little bit.

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I saw that! I was looking forward to the Torghast leveling because on the official post it says

improvements to Threads of Fate such as the addition of Torghast as an option

but I read somewhere (another official post not just some player) that it would be a daily quest to go to Torghast and not “you can spam Torghast and just level that way”. So Idk, will have to wait and see

Ah here we go (I hate not having sources :smiley: )

  • Tal-Inara now offers a Torghast, Tower of the Damned daily quest for experience and Soul Ash.

Maybe it’s a quest in addition to being able to just spam Torghast :laughing:

I hope you can and it is at least on par with dungeons if not better.

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Same, that’d be awesome :+1:

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  1. Restore the XP bonus to heirloom gear.

  2. Players who have them will be happy.

  3. Players who don’t have them will buy them. This will generate more WoW Token sales.

  4. This is pure profit for Blizzard.


How many people you got hiding in that floofy hair of yours? “Our?”

XP bonus isn’t necessary. Leveling is easy and fast.

Yeah, this made me sad. Of course, we don’t get any gear out of Torghast, so maybe that’s why.

IMO I don’t think the EXP bonus would appeal to me anymore either. Leveling feels like a good pace, if not too good of a pace, now. Even the rested EXP bonus makes them feel pretty lame.

The only thing I’d value the most, I think, would be the weapons for the damage output.

Things that’d appeal to me more would be stuff like movement speed increases and rep bonuses on the way up.

Whales want this.

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I don’t think whales care much about anything except krill.

It’s not needed, so no.

I kind of want adjustable XP rates, letting you choose to increase your leveling speed by .25x for each alt you make to 60, capping at 5x speed

I don’t worry so much about the heirloom gear thanks to open world scaling

Are those whales from TBC Classic?

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heirloom set bonus increases the rested XP cap .

xp bonus was never ruled out for heirloom gear & it does not need to be restored to the nerfed form

rested bonus (logging in a hurry while leveling - hearthstone then log out.) - how it works out while leveling in WoW

  1. log in & you are in a safe area (hearth location) . the UI says,
    -"welcome back, hey, check your mail & repair your gear. hint hint, sell junk items •○ to help.
    -“there are quests nearby you didnt pick up yet see minimap you can’t miss it. when ya ready to get some XP open the quest log / map.”
  2. do normal leveling stuff and dont even bother to notice the rested XP compensating for the time you were logged out.
  3. if you fell significantly behind your peer in the unspoken leveling race while you were offline & they were drooling in a Freehold carry , the rested XP bonus will accelerate your leveling
  4. the heirloom set bonus to rested XP lets you enjoy more time leveling fast. it expands high-speed catchup , tolerating more days spend offline regardless of the above (1.)
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