Please reconsider your stance on retail/classic reward linking

(Rhomel) #21

Why should someone that didn’t put forth the time and effort in when the content was relevant be rewarded as an after thought? ie, scarab lord title and mount. I see nothing but bad things happening for classic if this were the case.

(Darkflower) #22

Nope, and nope.

(Weili) #23

Can I get an Amen! if we were allowed signatures, I think this would be mine.

(Mathrenas) #24

While I understand your wishes, Classic isn’t a game about collecting, it is about achieving. Current WoW has encouraged a lot of hoarder mentality (I would know, I do it myself), but the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of rewards in current WoW you could get easier than if you farm’s them on Classic. Even some older armor and weapons got added back with BFA.

Fact of the matter it is simply a different game from a different time. See it as… Well, asking for League of Legends skins to be transferred over to Dota2 or being able to use Pokemon cards when playing Magic: the Gathering. Just not feasible.

(Proxy) #25

If they do that there will be no gear/mounts from original vanilla that’s super rare anymore. Ask anyone who has stuff from original vanilla that has been reintroduced, the rarity is a point of pride.

(Evie) #27

go on! GIT! we don’t wont your kind around here boy! mhmm

(Rhomel) #30

Nothing says funny like a little off humor racism.

(Ikethespike) #31

there should be no connection between Classic and Current WOW except for the already announced subscription system. That is it.

(Brisey) #32

A lot of people on retail take pride in their accomplishments in Vanilla, and would be rather perturbed at them all losing their uniqueness due to classic making a variety of objects, titles, mounts, etc available in the game.

I’m not one of them, but I do take certain considerations into mind when it comes to them. Those players have been long term subscribers, and in my opinion deserve to maintain the slight prestige that comes along with it.

(Zezeall) #33

I don’t want anything that is related or reminds me of this piss of #^% BFA in classic.

Good things about BFA hmmm I guess dungeons are ok, graphics, and raids is ok.

Cons: level scaling, ilvl scaling, All the difficulty levels for raids/dungeons, phasing, free gear, TF/WF, WQ so easy solo is the way to go, professions are broken, and leveling made retarded.

(Fránchi) #34

Yeah they really need to reconsider this, they haven’t come out nearly strong enough against it. They need to engrave some stone tablets and have a monument built in front of their offices that states “Things Obtained in the classic servers will never cross over to live”

Say write it 5 times on each of two tablets.

Those that earned those items back in the day and still have them (I am not one of them) deserve to be noticed for it, further the number of tourists this would put in classic and the disruption it would cuase would be unaceptable.

(Matcauthon) #35

I think this was more of an age thing.

(Parthena) #36

People playing Vanilla only as a “meta-Retail” is definitely a bad thing for everyone else in Vanilla.

See, that’s the difference. Vanilla is not a solo-driven game like Retail. The effect of your play on the rest of the community is an important consideration that you are ignoring.

(Matcauthon) #37

the OP hasn’t posted here since they posted the OP. i think we can safely consider this topic dead.

(Enkki) #38

I vote no.

Same. And if necessary, I’ll drive down to Broward or Palm Beach county and vote “no” again and again and again.


Oh so much NO. Classic is a completely separate game. Nothing should cross over from it into the current retail game. Nothing.

(Bangnfire) #40

They already stated it would be exactly like Classic was with some minor addons like loot trading (reduces need for GM’s) and initial sharding (reduce server lag, and questing at the early stages) so why would they add that and not T-MOG?

(Odinmar) #41

I would consider my style of play (primarily leveling a ton of alts in open world questing, not so much with endgame or instanced content) closer to solo than community-based. While I understand, and agree with, the idea that we should not feed our mount collections, transmog wardrobes, and achievements in retail with efforts in classic, I also think that (in spite of it being an MMORPG rather than a MORPG or just a ORPG like D3) solo play like I intend to do is a valid way to “consume” this product.

That said, I don’t want any dev to make critical gameplay decisions based on pleasing me or the kind of solo play I choose to do. I won’t be in anyone’s way, I don’t think. I’ll just be doin’ what I do…

(Who knows? Over time if Classic lives up to its promise and cultivates a reasonably similar community like existed in Vanilla I might try a different style of play. My more-solo focus, however, can survive if Classic doesn’t succeed in this community building effort.)

(Matcauthon) #42

because they said they want certain rare things to remain rare?
because transmog would heavily change the way the game is played?
because the other two are conveniences on blizzards end to reduce work load and to assist with game launch while transmog is not?

(Ellilaine) #43

If you want something on your retail character then get it on that character…

If it’s no longer available then that’s too bad, you weren’t meant to get it…