Options to the Void Elf "Entropic Embrace" racial effects

So, in regards to this thread from Blizzard in giving the Void Elves, High/Blood Elf Customisation, was wondering if there is by any chance we can have an option to change or disable the effects of Entropic Embrace? After all, it is pretty clear that Alliance are never going to get the Alliance High Elves as a playable Core or Allied Race. So, this is the closest thing we got to the Alliance High Elves, for now. Now, I am not saying remove Entropic Embrac, but having an option to disable the effects seem really good


This idea is that we can speak to an NPC, whether we also have to pay a little gold, either way, but speaking to an NPC to disable the effects of Entropic Embrace. Ofcourse, the NPC will also offer also to those who have it disabled to be enabled. Similar maybe to the EXP guy in Stormwind or Orgrimmar, where you pay 10 gold to stop EXP Gains and 10 gold again to continue EXP Gains.


Now, this is another idea, and could be a better one than speaking to an NPC, actually giving the option in the Character Creation or the Barber Shop to edit the Entropic Embrace effect. Now, reason why I say better idea, is because then it could give us also the options to maybe make the effect shade a bit more darker or lighter, as well as having the option to have no effects as well.


Maybe instead of having the racial a passive proc, make it togable so players can chose to enable it or not. Ofcourse, it would mean a CD of maybe 2 minutes tops and last only for a short amount of time, but this idea is just a suggestion.

This idea will abolish the Void Elf Aesthetic!

It is an option to have it off. Not to remove it. And a Void Elf is an elf that is “infused with the void.” Having the option to disable doesn’t mean you have to have it turned off, nor will it destroy what a Void Elf is.

Alleria turns purple when she enters combat!

Except, she choses to do so. She controls the Entropic Embrace racial herself. It isn’t like how we have it and it procs in and out.

Having the ability to disable the effect of Entropic Embrace should never happen!

This is just an opinion. The point is, having it as an option does not mean you have to have it disabled. Same with customisations, just because Void Elves are getting Blood Elf skin colours and blue eyes, does not mean you have to go for those customisations.

Oh, High Elf fans are just stealing from the Void Elfs!

Ok, this is something I have seen. Nothing is being removed from the Void Elves. If people want to still play a Blueberry Flavoured Elf on Alliance, they still have that option. Nothing is being stolen. And considering that Void Elves are Void Infused Blood or High Elves, they’re all the same race. Having more options will not hurt anyone, it is not game breaking, and nor is it going to jump out of your computer screen and slap you in the face.

Closing Statement:

Like I said, the idea of giving Void Elves the same skin options and blue eyes as to Blood Elves are pretty good idea. Though, I for one still prefer to have the Alliance High Elves as a separate playable race, I would like to see options to the Entropic Embrace racial on Void Elves where we could disable the effect. Oh yes, there is going to be some upset people about this idea, as seen in other threads, but the thing is, Blizzard is giving us more options and customisations with every playable race, (mainly starting with the Core Races at the start of Shadowlands), and they have said that customisations is an ongoing process. And having an option to disable the Void Elf racial should be one to add as customisations to the Void Elves. After all, at the end of the day, even with the effect of Entropic Embrace disabled, a Void Elf is still a Void Elf, in the name. Same as Blood Elves are still Blood Elves in the name.


inb4 “you wanted x now you want y”


But Void elves are you know from the void. I think there’s more racial to rework before going back to an allied race one.

Also give hand, they’ll take the whole arm xd
Can you guys be happy atleast for a while.


Toggleable racials are fun. Great avenue for character personalization, tbh.

Even though I’m all about this idea, I don’t see it happening, unfortunately. The compromise to have the appearances will probably be the last concession granted, since it’s super easy to head-canon the spell effects of the racial as just generic spellcraft.

Since all high elves are inherently magical beings, it makes sense that even non-spellcasting elves like the warriors and rogues would have the ability to throw some magic around.

What I would have done with the story from the very beginning was make Umbric and his followers members of the Silver Convenent, and fold all the remaining High Elves into the story, so that basically all High Elves transformed either into Blood Elves or Void Elves.


I mean, I feel its more a situation of

“They wanted X, Blizzard offered up Y instead as a compromise, now they are requesting Z to make the compromise more appealing”

At least that’s how I see it. To be fair, they are requesting such in a pretty civil way and obviously put a lot of work into their post. Just my two copper on the matter.



No. Just stop! Your not getting High Elves your getting more normal skins for a…say it with me class…VOID ELF! Stop the nonsense!


V…High Elf?xd


Void Elves are elves that are infused with the Void. They’re not from the Void.


And you don’t work or speak for Blizzard, you have no authority to tell people they can’t make their voice heard :wink:


I mean their capital is in the void. Like an orc is from Ogrimmar.


yo this is just an allied race that looks like blood elves. youre not getting all these additional features. get the hell out of here


Ok don’t hurt me xd I had to do it.


I’m also a paying customer who plays multiple Void Elves who is sick of people trying to turn our race into High Elves so I have just as much right to be against it vocally. Especially when its spamming up the forums with yet another thread same argument.


Counter that exact statement of Ion’s.

I’m also a paying customer that has every right to request for anything. I bet you didn’t even read any or all of my post.


High elves is a deprecated term for blood elves. I’m not watching a 20min video btw.


I’ve read enough high elf manifestos for a life time. Want a pally or blonde elf horde is waiting for you. Stop trying to take over the Velves.


Yeah, but here we are with those fair skin options they kinda said were going to be Horde only.


Like, I get where you are going with this but they have clearly reversed gears on their idea.

Perish the thought.

I never said you don’t have a right to be vocal, what I said was you don’t have any right to try and dictate what others are allowed to ask for. You have every right to say you don’t want that and express why you don’t want that.

But let me put it to you this way. Look at TC’s post then look at your post and the attitude you are copping in it–

You flat out dictate and state it as a fact as if you are part of the dev team, which you are not. You belittle them by talking down to them with the whole “say it with me class” bit.

Who do you think’s voice projects more? The person being civil, well thought out in their argument, not trying to TELL people what is and isn’t going to happen or the person flat out trying to act like your word is law, talking down to TC like they are a child, and not providing any argument in your post as to why you feel like its a bad idea?


Is having options such a bad thing to you? Is it like, going to really hurt you for more options.

Sorry, but I’m not asking for Paladins. I’m not one to really enjoy Malee classes.


Sara this didn’t need another thread.


Yes, obviously.
Personnaly I don’t mind those changes, but wanting the same as blood elves gets repetitive.
Probably after next expansion (the one after shadowlands) they’ll have to let factions play together and Alliance will finally get blood elves so there is hope for the Alliance.

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