Official Soar/Dragon Riding Mega Thread!

I mean, if this is something about Portals or Teleport, feel free to put those on cooldowns too or whatever. They’re not usually useful outside of old content either.

This is the only correct answer.


This is exactly what literally every tester has been asking for since day one of Alpha.

Blizz needs to pull their heads from the sand and stop trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of an obvious victory.

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A propaganda is when a British person gets a good look at something.

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No, a propaganda is what you call a flock of politicians.

Added another thread from yesterday and please let me know if I’m missing any.


Also thank you everyone on the alpha and taking the points home on the designated thread by blizzard!!


Youre doing a great job keeping this at the front and making it harder for Blizz to ignore it.


Added another to the list:


Added another:


Please unnerf Soar and/or remove the cooldown. Players trolling with “nerf it more lolz” are insulting to players and the game.


Give me a jetpack and you’ve got a deal.

Really putting Spyro to shame with that kind of flying.

I appreciate everyone with keeping the posts coming.

Added one more this morning:


Can Blood Elves get a Racial ability where we just appear where ever we want to? Call it “Moar”

It is not OP or game breaking, it only effects us!


Insulting to Players who demand too much, and always want the sun and moon and stars? Sure.

You’re posting from a mage.


Indeed, those players who want it nerfed even more demand too much and always want the sun and moon and stars. Glad to we agree. :hugs:

Forums are pretty weird when you find out that Aurek, Astiere and Anrawyn are the same user that keep posting and switching in this thread.

Edit. Mythanwryn too, anyway xd

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I think the racial should not be as good as the actual mount. Dragons that are trained and bred to fly should always be stronger and faster at just the flying aspect of flying than these caster dragons created by death wing. Im in favor of the nerfs.

Been a big supporter of Blizzard and defender. However, their explanation of the Soar changes is weak. I have seen so many videos of people absolutely squealing from fun using soar on you tube.

This feels almost vindictive. Oh you’re having too much fun, we can’t have that.

You look at my posts you’ll see I’m generally 100 percent behind Blizzard. But this time, I think they are making a big mistake. If nothing else, they should just consider making dragonriding available everywhere that Soar is, to remove the perceived “advantage”.


I agree with dragon riding everywhere. I just dont think these new dragonkin things should be elite flyers like our actual dragon mounts.