Official Soar/Dragon Riding Mega Thread!

To level … two levels from 58 to 60? They literally can’t even enter Chromie Time, because it will turn off at 60 and they don’t even get out of the start zone until 60.

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Legion Artifacts, Azerite Power, and Conduits… Once is an incident, twice is coincidence, three times is a pattern.

Homie, the devs already stated they are looking to make this a feature for the future…
I believe it was an ion interview.

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‘Looking at’ is not a guarantee, and given how they’ve been interacting with Soar, then Blizzard clearly does not feel that Soar is interacting properly with the world, system, or something else. If it continues to prove a headache, they may change it further, such as making it TBC Flight outside of the Dragon Isles.

Don’t forget the extend XP buff reminder :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

the soar nerf makes it strictly worse than dragonriding in what will be the current content, meaning there will be no reason to use it.

In old world content, it is ONLY faster if you are going from high elevation to low elevation; on top of that, the 5-minute cooldown starts once you land. There is absolutely nothing gamebreaking about Soar at 930%, even in old world content, considering all the hurdles a player has to jump through in order reach that top speed and factoring in the cooldown afterward.

If this nerf goes through, then I believe the cooldown should be removed (or at the very least, reduced). Flying mounts in old world content will still be faster than Soar over long distances, especially along rising and flat elevation, and are easier to use.


I would love for Demon Hunters to be able to fly freely as well. Makes no sense why they can’t normally.

It’s not though. The folks getting to those speeds were base jumping off Mt Hyjal to get the momentum needed. In most cases, you’re not going to use Soar vs. your regular flying mount. You don’t get to insane speeds just jumping off the ground.

You have to actively position yourself and go out of your way to position yourself to get to those speeds.


I would be surprised if this system doesn’t replace pathfinder in 11.0.

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So you’d be okay with your mount just losing all progress and functionality every expansion? That’s going to have to be the case. There will also likely be a Pathfinder attached to it since, well, the next expansion likely won’t be based around flight and thus verticality will need to be gatekept aggressively.

Again, everything about Dragonriding screams ‘this stays in the Dragon Isles’.

I’m all for this game moving forward and evolving. Current flying is uninspired.

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Aww you missed my thread </3

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But clearly Dragonriding isn’t playing nice with areas outside of the Dragon Isles.

Currently flying may be ‘uninspired’, but it also works.

Clearly it is or they would have disabled it all together.

I’m not going to get into it with you though. You’ve made it clear you don’t understand how Soar works and you are straightup against change in general.


The Soar nerf disagrees, as well as the lack of presence of other Dragonriding mounts.

The past is on my side here.

Added it, sorry was early this morning!


They already said they don’t have alpha. They literally don’t understand. Trying to argue with them is pointless. Just nod smile and walk away.

why is it all mages supporting this? HMMMM… :face_with_monocle:


I think soar should be like a personal mount for Dracthyr as they fly with their own wings.

My suggestion:

  1. Put speed back to 930%
  2. Remove Soar CD
  3. Allow Dragon Riding in all areas regular flying is allowed to give Non-Dracthyr the same options as Dracthyr.

The only correct answer. Devs focus up here