Please rethink the soar nerf

Igoring there’s a 5 min cooldown, my friend?

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Do you travel for 100% of your playtime? In my experience the cooldown is always up by the time I’m done with a quest or whatever I’m doing.

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I use my mounts around 90% of the time, yes. Even when I’m questing.

You can ask alpha testers how dull it is to wait for the CD to wear off during the introductory quests of the Dracthyr. Cause the game actually requires you to use it for those quests.

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Yeah in my experience on the Alpha you can be waiting for it during the introductory quests. Luckily those are very fast and you’re done. I know when I’m out saying doing the dailies or killing rares in Zerith Mortis the 5 minute cooldown would be perfect and I’d be zooming from boss to boss. It’s going to be insane if and when they make another zone like that.

I’m glad the alpha testers are still covering this:


There’s no reason at all to maintain a cooldown of 5 minutes for a nerfed ability.

Worgen don’t have to wait 5 minutes to use their Running Wild ability.

Druids don’t have to wait 5 minutes to use their instant cast Flying form ability.

Mages don’t have to wait 5 minutes to use their teleport/portal spells.


Yeah I found these videos incredibly insightful and they matched my experience. Still tremendously fast and ridiculously faster than regular flying mounts. I’m glad they posted those.

  1. If it was introduced at 640% speed this would be a different conversation.

2-4. Worgen ability isn’t faster than ground mounds, instant cast druid flight saves 1.5 seconds not minutes, portals don’t take you where ever you want. Anytime I need a portal I can just hearth anyway. I’m not portaling from quest to quest.

Apples and oranges.

Holy cow it’s 3:00 AM. G’night folks!


It provided a significant time boost when the Maw was mount-less.

Considering they can gather materials without dismounting, it actually saves quite a lot of time compared to other classes.

They take you to the most important places and hubs there are in WoW. Soar doesn’t. And you even have to find a high enough place where to use it, otherwise Soar is useless, regardless of speed.

And don’t get me started with Humans’ reputation buff racial. That racial saves WEEKS of farming rep compared to other races.


Not faster than normal mounts.

This is only saving you 1.5 seconds.

Plenty of ways to portal around the world.

I’ll cover this quickly because I saw it before shutting PC down.

Very short time thing that likely won’t ever happen again. But to actually build on that point, if this was a permanent thing it would need nerfed just the same.

Herbing isn’t the same as all travel for everything + There’s a cheap mount you can get that does the same thing anyway.

Hearthstones do the same thing. Everyone has them. In my experience on the Alpha it’s very easy to get high enough ground to make soar worth it + outside of dragon isles and when they make flying mounts available in dragon isles it’s easy to get on a tree or a small hill in 3 seconds with your mount and soar off of it. But again in my experience you don’t even need to do that. Very easy to get high enough ground to pick up enough speed.

Ok. I’m off to bed.

I agree, gathering valuable materials faster than anyone else is actually worse. You have an unfair advantage over others when it comes to professions and gold making.

Exactly, that was a wise solution. Imagine if they treated it the same way they treated Soar, imagine they had nerfed Druid’s flying form to make it impossible to gather materials in flight form.

They should apply the same reasoning here, they should just make Dragonriding available not only in Dragonflight zones, but in the rest of the WoW areas too. Problem solved. Everyone’s happy.

15 min cooldown. Portals/Teleport have a 1 min cooldown.

Apples and oranges.

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This unironically. People arguing otherwise are literally asking for less in the game they’re paying box price + sub fee for.


Not correct. If you go from hated to exalted it’s 85000 rep, Lets say you can get 1000 rep a day from quests, 85 days for non human, 77 days for human, but break it down into minutes spent questing, lets say 30, non human, 106 minutes, and human 96 minutes, its not a crazy advantage.

With Flying just normally for 100 minutes, current soar would save you 30 minutes of time.

As someone who was actively testing it, it was the right call. It just needs its cooldown reduced down to 2min if it’s only usable outdoors. I disagree with the advantages, but I don’t agree that a slower speed is a bad change.

I want to use it more often, speed is nice, but engaging with it more often would be better in the long run.


I disagree, and that’s okay, you at least explained your reasoning without trolling. I appreciate it. :heart:

I do agree with this though:

Soar’s cooldown is ridiculous as it is now, please remove it or reduce it to 1-2 mins.


If the abilities/cooldown didn’t start on landing, it might actually be 100% okay. I don’t mean to use the abilities twice. Just like an incurred 10sec cooldown to “Catch your breath” and off you go again.

Lots of ways to making it immersive. :slight_smile:

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Just need a blue to confirm that it was nerfed because it was too fast for the game to handle and not because they hate fun/the playerbase.

Because otherwise the majority will just assume the latter is true.

Your fun constitutes speedrunning content then raging on every possible form of social media including the forums at how bad the content is because you effectively bypassed it in 30 seconds.


Blizzard: OKAY HERE’S CONTENT develops 30s of trash content that gets speedran anyway

What was the nerf?