Dragon Riding Everywhere

When are you going to stop being arrogant SoB’s and admit you are wrong? I have yet to see anyone who wanted the Dracthyr soar nerf and the obvious solution to the meaningless concerns regarding balance on PET BATTLE FARMING (do people really do that still???) is to just enable dragon riding in all zones. This seems like such an astonishingly easy win for you Blizzard. Everyone wants it. Anyone who wants to afk on auto-fly on a 310% mount can still do that if they want. You will get nothing but praise if you just make the obvious right decision here… You can’t be this daft.


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It looks and feel better with the nerf. Some people aren’t addicted to speed like a drug.

But sure I’ll take dragon riding everywhere and no nerf. But I still have a feeling dragon riding speed will get nerfed eventually.

Doubling speed has impact on the futur development of the game and it’s way harder to remove it once it’s live.

You are not a game designer and they are. I’m sure they had a very good reason to do what they did for whatever reason. Blizzard does not design by democracy no matter how mad we get about various changes.

Never underestimate your enemy.


Allow both options for flying like it is now and dragon riding everywhere and it’d be the biggest W they could ever make!


They should give players two options in the beta.
It could be like PvP where you turn it on and off.

One option, the increased speed.
The second, the nerfed speed.

I guarantee I know what 99% of all players would pick.


Players are known to choose the easy way.
So that’s not really a choice.

If you gave the option for people to get mailed all the best gear and rewards of course players would take it. But that wouldn’t make the game better wouldn’t it?


I just wouldn’t play the game.

There is a big difference between a side activity and the main goal.

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Yea because there’s value in some stuff being slower.
That’s my point.
You might care less about how travel impact you and designs, but it surely does.

Some zones are not designed for dragon riding. You need high vantage points to gain altitude and momentum. 1k Needles for example, is a bad place for this. Or any area with not-very-high points of interest, which is most zones.

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Honestly I don’t even care if it’s in older content. Even if Blizzard’s reasoning was absolutely, unbelievably ridiculous nonsense that is just plain wrong and actually currently impossible in every way shape or form, soar is in fact faster than everything else in old content.

But that isn’t even the point. That’s not at all why this is horrible. It’s really the ramifications this has in the only content that actually matters to a level 60+ playable dragon, with wings. The dragon isles. Where your friends riding dragons will be absolutely smoking you in the air in terms of speed, leaving you struggling behind them to stay in the air. That’s just plain insulting.

This, in addition to the drawbacks that were already present before the nerf, and for some reason still are after it, effectively turns Soar into a useless fluff ability not even fit to take up space in yout spellbar.

If Blizzard would just admit their decision is pretty lazy and needs to be adjusted, we could accept the nerf entirely. But that would have to consist of the removal of the base spell’s cooldown, or at least make it useable in combat. Maybe with certain conditions, similar to trailblazer. Can be used in combat, but have to not have taken damage or casted spells for like 3 seconds or something.

I mean whatever you know, just saying there is absolutely 0 incentive to even use it in their own damn homeland. That is incredibly embarrassing, not only for Blizzard but also for people playing as a dragon. With wings. :grimacing:


Great vid showing what the community could get:

Vs a great comp of pre/post nerfs and how it feels worse:


The nerf in speed makes it loot more natural, less super-hero flying. It’s still faster than normal flying by a good margin.

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It’s also still less than it was prior and its existence begs the question of why dragon riding doesn’t encompass the rest of the game.


They’ve said it before so I don’t think it’s news at this point. But it makes sense to delay it incase it doesn’t work. There’s also the case that it will probably get nerfed like soar as doubling the speed of flying affects how you will develop all zones in the futur. You can’t just get it back in the box.

I disagree on that and it’s ok you want it slower, but I agree with alll the alpha feedback on this and the nerf is unwarranted.

A final W for the community really would be to make this a mount ability and let it rank with dragon flying, matching it speed for speed and ability for ability.

I could see balancing this as a capstone for dragon flying for Dracthyr only to get the improvements (still having this nerf reverted) so that Dracthyr still need to do the games planned df content like every other class.


Dragon flying needs to be available in all flyable zones at DF launch


If it’s the chromie quests, pet battles and mog farming their explanation leaves loads to be desired.

Doesn’t work as in breaks certain zones/areas, or doesn’t work as in people are able to move to places fast and blizzard doesn’t like that?

Not if they just lock it behind some kind of pathfinder like they’re wont to do. And they’re already doing exactly that with Dragonflight so it’s clearly within their scope to accomplish.

Technically speaking they’re trying to do exactly that with Soar.

It’s not what “I want” it’s what I think makes the most sense for the game.

There’s many stuff they can tune like that or reducing the cd for sure.

People like to meme about it but if that wasn’t relevant people wouldn’t farm it. Old content still has tons of relevant content for a lot of people as they want the rewards in it.

Doesn’t work as people might not like it when they’ll be able to use it.

Not sure how pathfinder means you can go double the speed of fast flying.

They nerfed it in alpha. That kind of answer is why they should not do a public alpha.

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I don’t think it’s okay that Dracthyr are able to travel 3x faster than everyone else in the old world. I think slowing them down is a good thing. They are still significantly faster than flying mounts though which I still consider a type of balance issue. A racial shouldn’t have that kind of immense utility.

I’d feel best about Dracthyr having parity. Dracthyr Soar being able to fly as fast as drakes in DF but not exceed flying mounts performance in other zones. But idk what kinda tech work that would require or how possible such a solution is.

Yeah, that sounds cool to me. But it’s not like they can just flip a switch and get it to work with all the mounts we have in game and (much like everyone hated being locked into the water striders for their water walking utility) I don’t think people would like the idea that all their other varied mounts were 3x slower than using drakes for flying. No matter how customizable they are, people would hate feeling like they are lock into drakes everywhere to travel at max speed. This is the exact reason we got mounts that scaled with player riding speed in the first place. (and beyond that it’s part of why 310% became available from trainers … because having some players able to travel faster than others with 310% vs 280% was kinda a big deal to a lot of people… ) Slower mounts were lovely and favorites of many players but because they traveled slower they couldn’t be used as effectively for travel, hence the available pool of mounts players found themselves with that could go the max of 310% was very small, constrained, and it diminished the appeal of earning mounts as rewards when they were often inferior in capability.

That’s kinda the feeling a lot of people have regarding a 930% Dracthyr in the old world… so you understand the issue perfectly with having a very large speed disparity between players but are still angry at changes made to reduce this gap. That just seems like a silly position to take from my pov.

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I agree. Give us dragonriding everywhere, unnerf Soar and remove its cooldown.