Official Soar/Dragon Riding Mega Thread!

They arent. Prenerf Soar was still far slower and weaker than Dragonriding

I think you forget that 930% movement speed as a racial movement ability is inherently overpowered, imagine abusing it so you can finish the content faster so you can resume complaining about having nothing to do.

Because let’s face it the big reason why people are complaining about the nerf is because they can’t complete content faster.

We don’t get nice quality things because people finish things too fast.


Added another thread this morning:


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This is an absolutely glorious post thank you for putting the time into gathering these all


Soar has zero impact on actual power. It’s entirely racial flavor and fun with zero material impact on performance ESPECIALLY if Blizz just enables dragon riding everywhere which is what we all want.


This is the dumbest complaint that just proves you don’t really understand the situation. “Complete content faster” dracthyr START at 58. They skip ALL pre dragonflight content and within dragonflight everyone has dragon riding. Soar being on a 5min CD means that even evokers will have to rely on dragon riding within dragon isles. So no. They don’t “complete content faster.” You sir, are wrong.


Indeed, honestly it’s starting to get very tiring having to deal with these antisoarers. Some of them are so obnoxious and inflammatory it’s unbelievable.


Do you see paladins moving 940% with their class ability? Do you see druids moving 940% with their mount transformations? Do you see worgen moving 940% using running wild? Do you see mages blinking 50 times a second?

It’s an overpowered movement ability, glad its nerfed and I hope they decide to nerf it further.

Straight to animosity eh?

One it’s less than equivalent pre-nerf to the dragon riding system.

Two it’s an open world ability not usable in combat, bgs or raids.

Three it should not be nerfed, but only buffed to fully match dragon riding

Four blizzard should claim the easy win and do this, as well as, allow dragon riding in all flyable zones.

Finally, druids, mages, dark iron and vulpera have the ability to vastly traverse a specific location much faster than soar or dragon riding. In order for soar to be relevant, you have to pre-plan and pick a high elevation, have the ability not be on cd….

Stop being a troll just for the sake of trolling


Heavy handed is an understatement


Oh you mean a bunch of abilities that require you to a: either set up prior especially in the case of dark iron and vulpera or b: hit effectively max level to have the ability to fly to begin with or teleport to the expansions main city?

I think I’d prefer soar over all of that, not to mention dracthyr will have the ability to fly straight off the bat meanwhile everyone else has to suffer until they unlock the ability to fly.

Do you not see that being a thing hmm? Can’t be a troll when the nerf is necessary to keep everyone at a relative pace at the start of the expansion. So please mald more.

Glad I am not on Alpha. Else this would hurt my feelings on initial impressions.

I for one hope they allow dragon riding to other parts of the game and this will be an issue. When they do this they could add a questline that makes soar better too for dracthyr.

I hope they don’t just stick dragonriding to just an expansion. Cool features like this should and could be used as evergreen content and help other parts of the game.


Added another:


The same person was also arguing in favor of no slime cat mount from LFR.

Thanks, Shivari. Honestly there are so many threads out there, I feel our cause is being diluted.

Do you think it’d be reasonable to make this thread the Official Soar/Dragonriding Megathread? Perhaps rename it to something like that so that all of us stay focused on this one thread and keep pushing until devs say something.

Wow 11 second difference between the OG speed and nerf. That is groundbreaking, this definitely ruins the whole race for me. My time is important and those 11 seconds? I could be doing something major, like mining a node or two or making like 3 bandages.

DF is ruined.

This nerf bothers me because it is indicative of a horribly disconnected mindset that puts bs reasoning ahead of what’s fun and proceeds to ignore paying customer feedback ultimately driving them away.

Has blizzard learned? I fear not.


Yea he also hates mythic plus. /shrug


This is something that we call a “category error”.

Soar is a tertiary flying “mount” that is not usable in combat. Paladins Divine Steed, is a movement cooldown ability that can be used in combat. Just because it looks like a horse doesn’t mean that it functions like one. You can’t even compare Druid’s flight form because it is a mount that cannot be used mid-combat, same thing with Worgen’s Running Wild ability. Mage’s Blink isn’t in the same category and are incomparable to Soar.

This is the exact type of thing that makes me and so many other people dislike the General Forums so much, is because trolls or people who don’t fundamentally understand the game mass brigade onto discussion forums like this and into Blizzard’s lap because they feel every decision they make is justified and use flawed logic or category errors to further justify bad game design.

Edit: Updated response with direct quote for contextual accessibility.