No Lore QA thread? (Jan 10th Lore and Story stream)

(Pharsalus) #3

Is this “Lore” aka Josh Allen, the guy who can’t read; or “Lore” as n the story of Blizzard?

Because one is painful to listen to, and the other is something the Devs should probably read up on, and get more familiar with, before penning the story to an entire expansion.

(Kellorion) #4

I guess its not even a QA thread. So they are going from cherry picking, to ignoring the Blizzcon thread, to now just talking about it without any type of back in forth about it.
This company man.

(Raicolette) #5

I mean, I can link multiple threads from the past 2 - 3 years, my time since playing WoW and participating on the forums, that they cherry pick or ignore straight out. Just look at the mega thread of The new Guild UI and Permissions...yikes. 2,562 posts and still no answer.

(Kellorion) #6

Lore as story, canon. Josh Allen isnt in it. Its greatest name ever Terran Justice Gregory and "Omgz its Blightcallerz’ Steve Danuser.

(Revannia) #7

Thanks for making the thread. I thought about doing one when I didn’t see a link to a blue post on forums but then saw your comment on blog page.

People have been asking for different types of Q&As, especially a lore one so it’ll be a nice change. Ofc not making a Q&A thread here is kinda odd since more people come here than read news section, so I have a feeling it’s going to be more of what they want to talk about instead of what we really want to know more about. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out though :slight_smile:


We didn’t make a thread here because it’s meant to be more of a discussion on topics and not so much a Q&A. We are trying something different and didn’t want to inflate expectations that a pile of questions would be answered when it’s possible that just a couple topics could lead to back and forth chatting for the whole stream time. If there are areas you are particular curious of then go ahead and post them here or in the blog and we’ll pass them on. Keep in mind certain areas are often difficult to discuss without giving away spoilers.

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were migt i stream this


I’m hoping for more void elf lore. The main thing I want to know is: Is the process by which the first void elves being made replicated to make more of them?

(Sieten) #11

Class design, it’s terrible, when are we going to get a real action on that?

(Kellorion) #12

Im surprised this is happening pre-raid, as it could curb raid/post raid story spoilers and discussion therefore therein.

(Revannia) #13

I did post a couple of questions in the blog since it said to post things you were interested in there - they just tend to be more in question form than comments :slight_smile: I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be a typical Q&A because it wasn’t called one but good to know the general idea behind it. Thanks for the clarification!

(Revannia) #14

My guess is Twitch WoW channel as that’s where they do they normal Q&As and other live streams. It doesn’t specify in the blog though.

EDIT: Twitter post says on Twitch.

(Elynos) #15

except it’s not terrible

(Sanshunter) #16

Good, the Q&A sessions were a waste of our time. Instead of a worthless Q&A full of softball questions and lawyer answers. You should instead have a road map of improvements.

No class design and fun is terrible.

(Sincubus) #17

BfA already killed expectations, if anything you should be striving for more interaction, not safe space self congratulating.

Its like you are actively avoiding the players at this point.

(Dvis) #18

Even I can see how this doesn’t fit into the Lore and Story discussion so you can rest assured this won’t come up at all.

(Elynos) #19

that is your opinion, i like my class just fine and will be even better with the 5th ring and even better than that when they put some stuff on the heart of azeroth in 8.2

(Ranthae) #20

I do hope they discuss what is currently going on with the Naa’ru. We already saw part of the darker side of them with Xe’ra’s prophecy thing with Illidan. Now with the added data point of the craziness that went down on Draenor with Y’rel, we are looking at a fairly threatening group that is building up in the background.

(Sanshunter) #21

Boy I misread the title. That said the devs need to focus on fixing the game. The sonic OC Fanfiction level of writing should be dead last in their agenda. Their priorities should be.

  • fix classes and fun

  • address item levels being everywhere.

  • have a road map of improvements.

Them discussing lore is wasting our time when they could be doing something useful


So where can I ask a question in the hopes that it will be answered?