Mail Recovery in SoD

Hi I was wondering if I were to “accidently” let a bunch of WSG marks expire in my mail, would I be able to restore them at a later date? Say around Feb 8th?

Asking for my dog, he loves mail

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Theoretically it would work like that, yes. However they specifically went in and disabled being able to item restore the waylaid supplies, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they had something in the works already to stop this.

Isn’t there like a 3 day lock on restoring items… like 1 every 3 days

You can do 1 restoration every 7 days per character.

But that 1 restoration can be up to 50 items at one time.


Two weeks.

Pretty sure they’re gonna break marks, subby.

It’s 1 week. Unless this changed very recently.
I use item restoration a lot.

And yes, I’d expect them to do this after they changed Waylaid Supplies.

It’s two weeks.

“Available once every 7 days”

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Looks like you are correct.


I would like to think, that this is being on the verge of the bad side of the grey area. It was intended for boxes to be 1 on character at a time. It was meant for Marks of Honor to go to mail since there is a unique of 20 and last in mail for 24 hours.

Deleting these items and then recovering them to get an advantage, even if small (some people will use these methods to an extreme) would/could be considered to be an exploit and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were punishments for this.

Ya my dog loves the mail, mailman comes by and he flips out so he was wondering if I could get my marks back from the mail if I were to “accidently” let them expire.

Haven’t bothered looking into it personally, but I’ve read that they already patched this exploit ahead of time. Supposedly, you cannot restore WSG marks anymore? And they expire in 24 hours in the mail or something.

Dunno for sure, just heard multiple people say as much.

Can confirm.

  • In Season of Discovery, these items have been prevented from being restorable.
  • During maintenance on February 6, we will purge any that are already in players’ mailboxes.

We suggest that any players who have any Marks in your mailbox, retrieve them and use them before the end of Phase 1, or they will be lost.


Excellent. This is how it should be.


Will this mailbox purge only be done on the 6th, or will it be done when phase 2 launches on the 8th as well?

just use them

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When does P1 end again?

@Kaivax Can you clarify that you can or cannot get them restored from mailbox?? I understand if you delete them they cant be restored, but I literally just 30seconds ago restored 10wsg from my expired mailbox? So it sounds like people will still be able to do this glitch even with what you have mentioned?

You can not. It’s 100% clear.

They are also purging them all on the 6th.

There is a difference from restoring a deleted item and expired mailbox restore. I just said I tested it and I can still restore wsg marks from the mail.