REQUEST: Advance notice of leveling nerfs

Exploit? You think prepping quests is exploiting lol. Clearly you are a casual and opinion is discarded

This guys is based, speaking the real and truth!

Filling my quest log and having 18 WSG marks isn’t sweaty, IMO. I’m just saying that it’s disappointing to farm tens or hundreds of Waylaid Supply Crates (as an example) and find out less than week before phase launch that they are worthless.

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Didnt they give notice like a month in advance of p2 that you couldn’t hoard marks?

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Part of the magic of Season of Discovery is being able to roll with the punches and adapt to change. 20 WSG tokens in the trash? Who cares! It was fun stomping Alliance anyways so what if I don’t get an extra 2 bars of XP that ended up being just a couple of Scarlet Monestary trash-pulls? The best players are the ones who adapt to change.


That was posted Jan 23rd, that is 2 weeks notice, is that not enough time?


I’d rather much not know in advance… because right now I’m not leveling anything waiting for the buff to kick in and it’s boring.

Doing the WSG token grind… then deleting the items to then use recovery … that is basically exploiting

Getting the water skins to do the same thing… a kin to exploiting…

Using game system not as they were intended is exploting…

Having a full quest log … complete … and waiting to turn in … not exploiting … learn the difference… The OP is clearly talking about abusing systems to circumvent stuff so they can gain an advantage…


exactly, Blizzard has no clue what they’re doing so how can they warn us when they haven’t got a clue what they’ll do next either?

Also, catch up mechanics are for failures. MMO’s should never have them.

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nah, risk vs reward now baby.

Why do so many people jump to accusing others of bad intentions? I am not, and nowhere did I indicate, that I wanted to exploit anything. Please take the time to read. In my case, it was the WSG marks. I also ALMOST farmed a bunch of supply crates, and I’m glad I didn’t.


Aggrend already announced the turins aren’t going to work in phase 3.

Consider yourself notified.

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Shocking another wow forum post crying about a non issue. Youll get over this atrocity little tyke i promise

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This is season of discover, not season of knowledge.

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LOL! That remark was pure gold…

Nothing done in phase 2 should give you experience for phase 3. Why is everyone in such a rush to get to max lvl always? Is it that big a deal if you get there 1-2 days later?

Hes not exploiting anything

He wasnt talking about those. He was tlaking about the 20 that you could have in your bag. We knew the mailbox restore item was gettin taken away for the marks. Maybe learn to read?

Are we going to be able to use those consumes that grant rested xp at the start of phase three? The ones you get from the sleeping bag quest

Sleeping bag food won’t work after 40.

The point of WSG marks is 33-33-33 Rep-Honor-Exp, making it 50-50 Rep-Honor was W move. (Numbers for reward differentials not actual reward values yes I know how much rep and honor they literally give) - f$#k the exploiters lmao get rekt.

They aren’t going to disable your quest log because you prequested doing quests above your level, or because you presently don’t get exp. They aren’t going to wipe your quest history and reset your log.

Don’t do some crazy hair brained exp farm exploit some YouTuber calculated out and just play the damn game.