Mail Recovery in SoD

They are purging them on the 6th so you can not.

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The release date for P2 is the 8th, not the 6th. Purging marks from mailboxes 2 days prior to release date doesn’t matter, because they only last in the box 24 hours anyway.

Seems like they are saying they plan to try to restore them after Phase 2 releases which is not the same as leaving them in the mail unless purging would mean getting rid of those WSG marks that were deleted.

No one cares if you farm marks for 2 days to lose them anyway.

Have fun.

Key words 'ALREADY IN". So you can STILL restore them from your lost/expired mail after feb 6th

I will help you understand.

P2 is when the level/rank cap gets increased. The P2 release date starts on Feb 8th. They already only last in the mailbox for 24 hours. If you purge them on the 6th, that effectively doesn’t do what they want.

In order to stop this from occurring, you have to purge them on the 8th.

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Sure you can. Farm them up and waste your time.

I know you think you are smarter than the devs and everyone on the planet.

Knock yourself out.

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Incoming mock rage threads flooding the forums.

Even though this has been how things have been forever and a day now.


keep 20 marks for when you hit level 29, that quest gives more exp.

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lol what even is your problem? I am trying to clarify something because it seems they missed a step. Let me try to spell it out for you…
They say that in SOD these items are not able to be restorable, not RECOVERABLE. There is a difference. If you cant understand that go to wow and click on the ? and you will see you can do item restoration and mail recovery.

I just tested this because I had 10 wsg I forgot about one night after pvping and just now restored them from my expired mail. So it seems you will still be able to abuse this even after feb 6th, which I am against…

No you want step by step instructions on how to beat the system.

Just use your marks or farm them at your own risk.


That should not have worked. We’re looking into it.


Thank you Kaivax! I appreciate the response!

I am not trying to beat the system seeing as how I just beat it and came out and posted it so Kaivax could look into it so its not completely abused at start of phase 2.

I think you need some serious IRL help from what I have seen here and on many of your other posts lmfao.

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Mail doesn’t expire for 30 days anyway so I doubt many people would have abused this before Feb.

And it doesn’t matter if you level slightly faster than others because the phase is going to be 2 months long again.

No one benefits from getting to 40 super fast.

At most we are talking like 1 level or something. Who cares.

WSG marks expire in 24hours in your mailbox. It really seems you never have a clue about anything but continue to open your mouth. Then when you get proven wrong you dont accept it lol.

You could obtain enough marks in your expired mailbox and then recover them and hit 40 by just turning them all in. “at most we are talking like 1 level or something” again just blabbering without even using that smooth brain of yours.

Again no one cares. Getting to 40 1st is meaningless with a 2 month long phase.

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Dude we get it you wanted to abuse this so badly. Its obvious.

wrong again

also wrong again. Is your goal in life to just sit here on the forums and catch L’s all day long or what?

Thank you, I will put it on my moms fridge along with the thousand other gold stars I have received!

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So you don’t think getting 40 in about 20 minutes serves as a pretty crazy advantage in the economy?

I got no problem with people saving quests, or grinding hard. However getting a full 15 levels before the phase start by abusing the mail restore? That’s pushing it for me personally.