Failed Commuication by blizzard - Why?

Yeah where is the blue post that says marks in your inventory won’t give xp?

So that’s not true. Do you know of a post where they said inventory won’t count, or were you mistaken?

Understand the WSG marks due to exploitation and have gone through all the articles.

This information was just released by a tweet, not even formally putting any information out.

It says “retrieve them and use them before the end of Phase 1, or they will be lost.”

Retrieve and use.

Have you been getting gold for turning them in lieu of xp? What was making you think they would give xp?

No, again, it says

Do you know of a post where it says marks in your inventory will be purged, or were you mistaken?

I haven’t turned in any. Do they not give xp normally?

The link post clearly states retrieve and use them. I used all of my remaining marks on the 4th. That was my understanding.

Right on thanks

Only the 1st turn in of 3 marks gives exp/gold. All repeated turn ins just give rep at level 25.

Oh for sure, I guess I’ll probably get the first and third then. Or they’ll be deleted. Will know soon.

Awwww. Zoomers can’t Zoom as much as they’d like. :sob:

they didn’t want people to exploit the mailbox to gain a competitive edge?

im really not sure what you were expecting op.

Hahaha you wasted your time and are mad.

Your fault not theirs.

Stop trying to game the system.


Very similar to another post stating that Aggrend giving game updates only foundable on his personal twitter feed is inacceptable.

And I completely agree. Blue post EVERY change, officially and before the facts.

I think you should re-read the post.

This isn’t about being Mad.

But a lesson learned for phase 3 is based on how they conduct this information.

Well this was not the case until Aggrend said otherwise on his private twitter recently, I made 19 to 20 on turning in marks alone.


Just clear information being provided would be nice.

blizzard doesnt really have an obligation to share information with those that are exploiting their game though.

Once again no exploiting has been conducted.

please read the post.