WoW Classic Era Maintenance Notes - February 6, 2024

As we work through today’s Classic Era maintenance, we’re currently tracking two notable issues.

First, we discovered an issue with the operation to purge mail that we described here. We’ve decided to not do that, and instead, we’re going to suspend the XP gain from turning in Marks of Honor at level 25 (in addition to removing the overflow mail from Marks of Honor). We suggest you spend your Marks before reaching 20 of them.

As part of our change to Waylaid Supplies to make them no longer Unique, you can no longer hand in partially filled crates, and you’ll need to vendor those. At this time, the tooltip still says they can be turned in unfilled. We will deploy a hotfix for the tooltip as soon as possible.

We also have an issue affecting interface addons. Some addons are producing errors or not functioning as they did before. We currently expect to go live with this issue, and we’ll then fix it as soon as possible.

We’ll let you know when the fix is completed.


hopefully you fix it to give xp again.


Any reason you wouldn’t still allow exp for turn-ins from the ones in your bags?


All the preppers right now


So at 26-39 the XP will be granted?


Also a good question

When’s “as soon as possible”? My bars got wiped by this update.


Same here. Bartender, RIP.


Using Default ui while this is fixed… its scary. Forgot just why I use addons lol

elvui bars are gone too

I’m not sure I can do that… I’m not strong enough.

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I am about to log off. lol its horrifying.

Got the XP buff running, but borked the UIs.

How is this even an issue? 7200 exp for 18 badges (6 wins) will take you ATLEAST a hour to do. Seems very fair to me. How is this even worth the effort to take away. Don’t enforce leveling brackets then take away / nerf the fun of preparing for them. I don’t really care about the 7200 exp but its the precedent.


Yeah, not particularly fair to those who played past exalted so that they could save 20 marks to turn-in at the start of phase 2. I’m all for hampering people trying to exploit stacking in the mailbox, but they were warned it would not work, so imagine there are few people who still did this.

Either way, not a fan of ‘punishing’ those who prepared the right way, in order to prevent a few bad apples from getting an edge.


So will we be getting xp at level 26 then for turn ins? You need to address this please.


its seems like that failed at deleting the ones in your mailbox, and you could stack 100+ or so, so instead they just said no xp all around, imo

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Not sure if it’s fixed fixed, but bartender just pushed out an update on CF in the last 10 minutes.

Logged in and checked, Bartender is back.
/hugs her UI tightly, “I missed you!”

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Please confirm whether they will give xp after 25 or not!

I checked Elvui website, downloaded the new version that was uploaded today. My bars are back.

I did this like… 2 minutes ago.