Live Developer Q&A - Ask Questions Here!

Join us live on Twitch on Thursday, March 21 as we sit down with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas for our next live developer Q&A, where he’ll be answering your Battle for Azeroth questions.

Submit your questions by posting here in this forum thread or via Twitter using the hashtag #WarcraftQA.

We’re looking forward to getting the chance to dive in and answer as much as we can; we hope to see you Thursday at 11:00 a.m. PDT!


Any chance we can get different modes for Islands? Maybe a survival mode where endless waves of Mobs come, every 10 a raid boss? Something slightly different but in the same aspect of killing mobs for loot/azerite?

Can we also discuss how bad loot is from islands? This has been the entire expansion, can we please get a vendor for the items we desire to farm or some way to smart target?


can we have Dolly and Dot song played at darkmoon faire, also the sylvanas toy box song please

  1. Can you share any general updates or guiding plans for classes in 8.2? Sure seemed quiet on that front and not many changes or even tuning taking place. It feels like a pretty hot topic in the community also.

  2. Very few cooldowns were modified in 8.1.5 to make the GCD change/press feel better for them. Why was this not more broadly applied to the game? How does the team feel about utility abilities such as Rallying Cry or Darkness being on the GCD? Communication on this topic always feels focused around offensive cooldowns when the change encompassed MUCH more.


This is hard to put in a question. Ion once said in an interview that it’s easy for players to be very focused on their individual class, but that the focus still has to be on the game as a whole for the team (or something close to that).

  1. From my perspective my class is EVERYTHING I do in the game. It’s my window to literally every single action I take. If that gets gutted, pruned, is not fun, or is tuned very poorly almost nothing feels worse or makes me dislike the game more. What would you say to players when class design seems like such a low priority, but feels so important to players?

Can we expect to see anything regarding Allied Races in 8.2, or are none planned for this patch?


Are there any plans to add the Season 1 PVP Ensembles to a vendor?


Any plans to move away from the full-RNG World of Casinos model we have now, with regards to itemization, to something that rewards effort put in instead? In the same vein, how about making professions meaningful, or even necessary, for said itemization? – No, the “Tools of the trade”, while fun little additions, do not make professions any more meaningful currently.


Can you guys implement a catch up system for conquest cap? As someone who plays multiple classes is hard to keep up with it. For example costing less conquest to cap for every week a character is behind.


Why do trinkets that deal AoE damage currently split it between all effected mobs, and not scale with damage modifiers? Even with the nudge they get in damage from splashing, it feels really underwhelming, like having a trinket that gives you a stat boost but less for every enemy present.


Are there any plans to make the Silvermoon City guard and night elf archer armor sets added in BFA available to players as cosmetic items?

Warlords gave us the Stormwind and Orgrimmar guard sets, so why not do the same for the blood elf and night elf gear?


The 100% loot RNG in the game with caches, personal loot and trading restrictions, no valor vendors, no upgrade, rng sockets, TF/WF. Can you comment on any areas you’d like to lessen RNG and increase player agency?


Can you give us any updates on the new heart of azeroth system coming in the next patchs. Currently I’m at HoA level 43, and I don’t get a new trait untill 46. Even then it’s just a 5 ilevel upgrade. Really interested in the new ways you plan on offering character proggresion, and class development.


What are your thoughts on the current state of Enhance? The spec feels so clunky


Beast Mastery damage - even with the buff, is still in a tier below all other specs.

There are also a number of talents that still haven’t been fixed to function after the change from legion design including Killer Cobra/Venemous Bite being redundant, Spitting Cobra not working from max range, Thrill of the Hunt crit not affecting pets etc any plans to address these in 8.2?

Also, where are my T Rex and Triceratops spirit beasts? Can’t have a whole dinosaur expac and no dinosaur spirit beasts.


What are some of the biggest challenges that the team encounters when implementing new features or loot sources? How does the team reach a consensus on where to draw the line on rewards vs time investment?


Will there be any new announcements of new Allied races coming in BFA. So many excited possibilities has been in hot debate between Vulpera, Sethrak, Tortollans etc.


Several of fights in BoD in Mythic have been particularly punishing to guilds with heavy melee compositions (IE Rhastakhan and Stormwall). Going forward will we see fights that aren’t so punishing on composition based on range vs melee?


When and what will be done to address overwhelming negative feedback about removed portals in old expansions for no valid reason?