LF Alliance to re-roll as Horde

OK hear me out. I know things are great over on blue side, but our server as a whole could be even better if we had more population balance. We're currently sitting at 70:30 but I'd like to see if we can shift that to 60:40. We have about 400,000 characters on MG. Moving a few of them to Horde is not impossible.

What's so good about population balance? Let me give you some ideas.
1. Wider RP perspective. Do you ever get sick of the same crowd? Want to interact as a different character but don't know how? Instead of just one place to go for RP, we could have several. More choices! Imagine the interaction if we got a Horde -Alliance mega Cross RP storyline going!
2. More people to World PvP against. Need revenge? How much better is PvP when you personally know the people you are fighting against?!

Those are the main ones. Maybe you guys can think of more reasons.

I've noticed that the old, established guilds on MG Horde are still going well. Together they form a great community.

But we need some fresh blood. We need new guilds. I've seen a few try, but fizzle and die. I want to fix that. I want to help new GMs set up and get established.

I haven't thought of a name yet. It'll probably be a discord server. Ideas welcome!

What would be amazing is if a whole Alliance guild could re-roll as Horde. I know making contacts is the hardest obstacle to overcome.

I gave it the college try back in August, until around March :(
Tell us about your experience, Nizam. Is there anything that we could have done better? Is there anything you wished you had tried?

I know why people go back, it's the larger RP population. But how do we make something similar for Horde?

A mass transition could be one way. People coming in dribs and drabs and then leaving is the reason we haven't fixed this yet. Perhaps some kind of Alliance re-roll support network?
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It's the population of Horde being so firmly rooted in the staples of Horde RP. When the majority of Horde RP is conducted among the major staples, and these major staples have aspects within them to cover most new concepts (because they've been around since Wrath), so getting momentum going, and having people gamble on a new guild and stick around instead of going to the established communities they know aren't going anywhere is an uphill battle.

Especially with some of the somewhat outlanderish concepts, such as mine was. None of this is a bash against the Horde Community, as I love it and started there back in the days of yore. It's just one of those- because of the smaller population, and the massive planetoids that are the Horde staples, breaking free of their orbit is rough compared to Alliance side, where there is a giant field of smaller groups and a mass of people who are willing to gamble.
Thank you so much for the feedback! You make a really good point. We have our main bases covered, but what we need to do is branch out and get more creative with our guilds. I'm going to brainstorm some ideas later.
I have no qualms with rolling a Horde toon, here on MG. The only reason I haven't is because I don't particularly have any contacts. Maybe I'll poke around.
I'll roll a horde with you folks. I usually keep my horde alts on WrA, but to start fresh and level with a group here on MG sounds like an awesome experience.
Fabulous! Thank you so much for giving Horde a try Hawkstorm and Burrion. Please ask if you have any questions!

I'll create an Alliance to Horde re-roll support group I think. It'll be a good way to meet other folks going through a similar process.

Any Horde veterans that would like to help me with this project please send me a message!
What is your contact information?
Discord: Flywheel#4087

Btag: nexus#1943

Thanks Yokumba!
I love you, Flywheel, and I'll be adding you to my BNet because you're good people and I like surrounding myself with good people.

But when it comes to RPing Horde, well, I have two Horde toons. I also have six other Alliance toons. But I just can't seem to RP anybody other than Dloin. I don't know what it is exactly. That's just how it's been since Burning Crusade.

I'll give it another go, I usually try to every so often. But it never seems to stick longer than a few weeks.
That's okay, you can just hang out and chat if you like!

Brand new discord server:


Everyone interested in this project please join!

I just made it on my phone, so bear with me.
I joined the Discord, and added you on BNet, Flywheel. My husband and I have Nightborne rogues that we want to play, but never seem to. Half the problem is, my toon is stuck on WrA, while his is on MG! I need to bring both this character and my Nightborne Warrior over to MG, but money is tight right now, and I can't afford it yet.

We both started out back in the day as Horde, and he still loves it to this day. I've slowly morphed into an Alliance girl, but I see so much potential in the Horde, I'm wavering. Maybe this will give me the push I need to commit to my Horde characters!
I'd roll a new Hordie specifically to join a new, low-level guild. Dunno how much I'd play it, but I'd be there for a dedicated group.
I have plans to establish a Horde-side version of The Drunken Knights! Of course the name would be different, but they would still be directly linked to the Alliance guild, of course.

I just haven't suggested it to the Council yet, mostly because we've still been getting our roots dug in to the Alliance side. :P
I am tempted to move this alt of mine over to Moon Guard, as I have not found a niche for him yet on Wyrmrest.
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09/25/2018 07:37 AMPosted by Godfrey
It's good to see Horde side scrounging so desperately for players as to head to forums to plead for Alliance characters to 're-roll'.

Hopefully the Horde faction on Moon Guard will die out almost all together by the end of the expac, Light willing.

Why anyone would ever discourage anyone from RPing, I'll never know. I guess some people hope to be alone in their RP eventually.
This is an amazing thing you're doing Fly! I already joined up and we're putting the full support of our guild behind you! Whatever you need for the project be it, packages to get new players started. Or perhaps help leveling people through content. We're here!
This is a great thing you're doing here, Fly.

About to start spinning some new wheels here in the guild, and this definitely seems like something I can get behind. Will sign up on the discord this afternoon.

Most assuredly, I'll do what I can, personally, to help foster a solid RP environment, my guild and I learn more heavily to the PvE side, so that's where I'll offer our support to start off.

Happy Hunting!
I'm really excited to see interest and support for this idea.

Alliance people thinking of moving to Horde: we need you!

Horde veterans that would like to help new re-rolls: we need you!

Fresh guilds starting up or old guilds rejuvenating: we need you!

I know we can do this. Let's make Moon Guard the best roleplaying server ever.

Thank you so much everyone, I hope to see you in discord!
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