Layering exploit is real - Guy has 160,000 gold in Arcane Crystals


Guy has literally >3000 Arcane crystals that are obtained via the layering exploit. See here: Should this be bannable?

The layering exploit allows you to spawn the exact same node, right in front of you, over and over, instantly. You can literally click to harvest the node, swap layers in seconds, and immediately click to harvest it again. For hours and hours and hours.

I saw somebody with nearly 1000 Black Lotus. If you didn’t know, these things are absolutely gold. At this point I don’t doubt people have ~1 million gold worth of items due to these exploits.



I’ve been told that the method to determine your unique layer has now been figured out, and boy oh boy, it is easy!

That’s it - Classic is in big trouble. Blizzard needs to fix this asap!

Classic is a total bust, economy ruined
Please Keep Layering
Everyone is abusing layering
We're not making enough noise about layering
We're not making enough noise about layering

What is blue lotus? Do you mean purple or black?


same kinda thing happened to ruin diablo 3 real money AH. I’m not surprized.



where’s the proof he has 3k arcane crystals?


Don’t worry this will all be fixed in Phase 2 lol. But ya this is an issue with layering, this is all known, blizzard knows it, nothing they cna do. Punishing a player who is “exploiting” something they knew and we all know was going to be an issue would be silly. In the lifespan of classic this is not going to be an issue, and the economy will stabilize.


yeah, layer hopping abuse can be a problem, but this particular claim needs some backup. 1000 black lotus? 3000 arcanes? I’ma need something more than a forum post.


its gonna be hilarious when these guys get their account suspended and items taken lmao


Fear! Panic! Anger! Armageddon!

Wait… is there any proof?


“The guy said in his discord…” is the proof of this.



So if this is true it should be banned.

But there’s no way 3,000 ACs are worth 160,000g. The more that get farmed, the lower the price will go.


Blizzard can easily do something.

#1 they can determine who was hopping layers as this information is surely tracked and stored.

#2 During the timestamps of layer abusing, delete all items gained by that player.

#3 During the timestamps of layer abusing, revert all XP gained by that player.

#4 If layer abusing occurs X number of times, issue a ban for X amount of time.


It doesn’t take much of a thought process here. You can spawn a node in seconds. Let us assume 2x a minute. Do that for 10 hours. That is 1200 units of Black Lotus right there.

That 10 hours will give you enough gold for the ENTIRE LIFETIME OF THE GAME.


Ya that would be a huge amount of players to go after lol for something that was known way ahead of time, even by them. They knew people would do this, expected people to do this, nothing is going to be done. If your mad, go play a different game or get over it…


Did you just create a new topic to link to another topic?

Also note, so far no one has posted any proof in either of these topics.


Debateable: if they’re all in one dude’s bank, they aren’t available unless he sells them. so he and his guild can let flasks go onsie-twosie, keeping the price high. See: diamonds IRL.


If/once, there is proof, they will be banned and that stock deleted.

No way Blizz lets that live.


Come on, man. Its the internet. What would be the point of any of this if we couldn’t go ballistic over something that might be completely fabricated?


It is not a bannable thing until Blizzard says it is. It is nothing wrong with them doing it either. They are utilizing something that blizzard put into place. Layering is also not permanent. It is going away. Let the little toad abuse and abuse. He will develop a reputation and no one will work with him. That is what communities are for.


Are you kidding? Someone with a stockpile like this will be loved by tons of people. He will control the market.


The reason I want proof is that while you can swap layers, you can’t force a new layer to spawn. you have as many layers as exist and IDK how many that is. so sure, maybe you get 10 times the spawns, but that still won’t be 1000. I find the claim heavily suspect in general, more evident of fearmongering than legitimate issue.



Exploits are bannable. Fits the definition of exploitative behavior verbatim.