Layering exploit is real - Guy has 160,000 gold in Arcane Crystals

Even if its hundreds does it matter? Thats insane

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Especially as there have been zero screenshots lol

you do realize to hop to another layer you need someone on a different layer right… then you’re both on the same layer meaning you need to hop to a third person conveniently on a third layer… like holy crap your logic is so flawed.

AND you’re assuming all the layers have 1) the exact same respawns…

Except you’re assuming there’s an infinite number of layers. At an hour long respawn 2x a minute would require 120 layers (and the guy has friends in all of them waiting to give him an immediate invite?), or a realm population of about 360,000 people. Not to mention absolutely zero competition. Also, they can spawn in different locations in a zone, meaning you may have to go searching for it once you hop a layer.

Basically what I’m saying is, you’re full of it.


The items wont be worth that much, since supply affects price, they would have to be the only people exploiting, and then they would still have to drip feed them onto the AH to maintain the value.

Everyone and their mother farming black lotus just means thats going to be one cheap herb on the AH, and is good for players who buy black lotus but arent herbalist, and hurts the gold farmers the most since huge supply means lower prices.

Sorry you didnt hit the cap fast enough to try to cartel a high end trade good, but as a raider, all this farming means I get cheap consumables, and have to personally farm gold less.

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Players were too worrying about gold trading rather than the real threat to the economy.

You know, that’s an interesting thought. This means he has 150 bank/bag slots’ worth of Arcane Crystals. Certainly possible but incredibly unlikely.

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I think you actually can. Now I’m not sure in practice, but if you had 50 guild online, and they where all over the world, and you are farming a specific breed of raptor in Arathi, I do believe you could ‘hop’ 49 times, assuming your guild was not grouped.

I have not done this, but I know Warriors farming their Axe Mat’s are doing this.

Quite a good Tintin book! :heart:


Bank alts. guilds. Mail Banking. Available bank slots are not in question.

This assumes no one else has the very clever idea of layer hopping to farm, and he maintains complete control of the market, while people can layer hop to farm around him.

This is actually a good time to make money, not by layer hopping, but by waiting for the price of these mats to hit a floor, stock up, wait till P2 when layering is removed and these become a much much more rare and valuable commodity, then you sell at a massive markup and buy everything you ever wanted in vanilla and then some.

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are each of those 49 people in a different layer already?

Come to think of it, unless you’re standing on top of each other with no visual contact, how would you even know?

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So… absolutely no proof other than hearsay?


Thank is for letting people know this. The more that knows the more people will use it which in turn will mess with econmy forcing blizzard to step in.

Thank you!


Honestly none of this matters - if someone can farm even hundreds or thousands over the course of a week thats a bit too much. You got people trying to do the math here its idiotic; the point stands that layering can be used to circumvent the respawn timers of nodes.

They dont have to be in your zone. If I have a guildie in STV, and I’m in Arathi, I will ‘hop’ if they invite me. I can then farm the mobs, drop group, and whisper my buddy in Tanaris, and I will hop. Then I look up the guy in Swamp of Sorrows…

But I thought this was the original vanilla? Oh wait this is easy mode classic where even money hacks exist now :joy:

right, but my understanding of layering is that they’re effectively a world-wide shard. if your friend happens to be in your layer, and invites you, you won’t hop, right?

No, you would just join the layers that those players are in.

You are assuming that everyone is on a different layer. So, in effect, you could ask your buddy in Tanaris for an invite, and bam!! you just did nothing but join a group. As far as i know, there is only one way to tell if someone is on a different layer than you, and its to be standing in the same place and not be able to see them.

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