Please Keep Layering

“Pemaban the people abusing it”
This has possibly have to be the dumbest comment i read today from a logistical standpoint.

You cannot distinguish who is abusing it or who isnt. The mechanic is put in place and any smart person will take advantage of it if they can. You cant ban anyone for finding a creative way of playing the game. Thats dumb and so is your post. Good bye.

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I think 10’s of thousands of BfA XP potion stackers will tell u otherwise how their creative way of stacking XP potions worked out for them.

Layering has nothing to do with login queues.

You can ban someone for finding a way to exploit it herp derp.


Everyone knows how to exploit its not hard.

Press O.
Type 2 letters or a level range.
Mass whisper everyone “inv to layer pls”

But not everyone chooses to exploit it. Hence why people can get banned.


Found the people exploiting layers



Layering has made classic playable, despite the alleged abuse.

AH will do just fine. All the layering hate will for nought in a month or two… its been a Week ppl, just play the game or quit…

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They wont get banned. Take layering away then. Layering is only serving the purpose of allowing for these things to happen and any person that is smart will abuse it.

If its not hard to figure out as you said in your previous post then I wouldn’t exactly say a person is ‘smart’ for abusing it.

Login ques have no relation to layers. Servers can only hold so much, layers or no layers

You can very easily set a standard to distinguish.

I’m guessing you have abused it from your language. If so, hope you get banned dude.


Layering (or any form of Phasing and Sharding) in the open world needs to go. Fast.


Hey guys can I get a layer invite?

You are afraid they remove layering and you can’t exploit anymore, i hope you get banned.

If people are cheating by abusing layering to gain items worth a lot of in game currency, it will affect how you play the game because it’ll change the in game economy.

Same thing as people buying gold is bad, not because they bought the gold, but because that gold is being introduced into the economy.


This is such a dumb argument, this isn’t a single player game. The world is interconnected, if one player gains an unfair advantage because of layer on your realm it will directly affect you.


You can distinguish, in fact i have distinguished TC as a layer abuser pretty quickly and you are probably another one for the way you get so defensive about it.

Yeah pieces of garbage this abusers.