Everyone is abusing layering

Maybe I don’t pay enough attention to chat but I have not seen a single layer request.


Really? I’m pretty sure I’m not … at least, I don’t think so.

its gonna be only for phase 1 , not for phase 2 where pvp is gonna matter lol

Layering will be gone within a week or two…stop complaining.

I have seen no one ask for a different layer in chat either on my realm. Now are people actually doing this on my server, I am pretty sure some are since I have thought about it just not to have to wait for quest mobs. However, being lazy I didn’t bother logging onto my other account to do so.

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In all honesty - this actually is a problem that removing layering later won’t fix.

Blizzard has to ban people for the type of exploiting (if true).

piss and moan that’s all your doing
font like layers? then get the F outta classic
don’t want your whinny crybaby rear end here anywas. and let us enoy our game

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What’s the point in playing when the economy is wrecked? I’d rather they immediately put 30 minute lockouts on changing layers.

Yeah, pretty sure this was not the intent. Blizzard had better make good on their word and remove layering; best would be to accelerate their plans. Evidently they underestimated how ready their player base is to cheat in 15-year-old content.

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As someone who has been layer hopping to for mining, it’s absurdly profitable. Mine the nodes in a mine layer hop, repeat. Easy 50g per hour, if not more. I have the market set on thorium and mithril, the only thing hindering me is that people don’t have much gold yet and not many people have use of mithril /thorium. In a couple weeks time, it’s going to be nuts.

Easiest epic mount ever.

I hope they fix it asap, because this is stupid and feels dirty. But, it’s a mechanic implemented into the game. We told them this would happen, and it is.

If this is against tos, please, reply here to me and I will stop, screenshot the post, and share it for others. Until then, thanks for all the fish.

If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it’s a duck.


I don’t understand. How do people know what later they are in and that someone else is in another layer?

F this. I’m out. I’m out. Blizz…you have blown it. Your greed knows no bounds. You can’t help but screw up the easiest thing in the world…so easy that people did it in their spare time. All you really needed to do was make Classic. But you had to get clever. Now the economy is spoiled. I don’t want to participate. Screw this trash heap.


You don’t, but there are a TON of layers, so chances are very slim you won’t get a layer swap when you ask for one. Maybe 10% chance it doesn’t work, if that.

good get out you wont be missed at all

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I’m in every global server channel on my server. They’re not even being used. Maybe people are using private channels as well?

I’ve seen only once or twice on KC. I’m in all the LFG groups also. Doesn’t mean it’s not happening, at least it’s not being spammed as crazy though

Engage with reality.

Id just report anyone asking in chat. But yes blizz needs to fix this.

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Please remember that while you don’t see it happening in your realm, or your world chat doesn’t mean its not happening.
Layer Abuse is only going to get worse, its a word of mouth thing, meta. As more people learn about how to use/abuse it more people will start doing it.
Some servers just having reached point were alot have started doing it where you can see that is all.

It is happening and it is going to get worst.

The extreme abusers that weren’t just using it to get to a less crowded quest zone need to be punished.