We're not making enough noise about layering

I don’t agree. He exploited layering, and also probably only achieved what he did via account sharing which is against ToS.

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Agreed, I’m concerned that Blizzard will not remove layering in Phase 2 when they realize the realms are still too populated to handle no layering. They initially told us layering would only be used for the first couple weeks.

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With them allowing so many people on 1 server I dont see how they can get rid of them currently for some realms. I’m not expecting as huge of a decline as blizzard and some though. I guess we will see.

But if these populations stay consistent for any length of time, removing layering might prove to make questing a disaster.


Lots of people on RP servers complaining because they are getting layered and unable to RP at all without getting invited to groups, and makes other people more difficult to find.

If each layer really is consistently full, can’t they just make it its own realm?

Layering is already decimating Classic WoW. All you “it’s only a few weeks” folks I hope your words taste good as you eat them.

There’s literal ADDONS out now to use to help exploit LAYERING. THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

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If this isn’t addressed and players who were abusing it punished.
I’m done I quit.

I didn’t come to play classic wow to play the same old Modern MMO where you can get ahead with Real money or Exploits. I came for the Game Integrity I thought I could find here.

Blizzard this is your chance.

Do Something.


Same. I can’t play on a realm where I don’t feel I can earn an honest way. Can’t do that when people are using exploits to make huge amounts of wealth.


Removing layering would definitely help, I want my server’s community to grow. If anything they can do a tiered system where they remove layering based on realm pops.

I’ve already had that huh I wonder… like if I even type in /1 is it in my layer? Can I call for help against being PvP camped? Or will they come just to find that I’m not there and am in a different layer

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From what I hear, trade chat is cross layer and the general chat is based on later.

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That seems accurate, I’ve made trade deals with people and had them show up in front of me after a party invite.

Thanks for the info. So at least I know when I’m calling out for help in General its not necessarily going to people that could never see me.

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You could have summed up that whole essay with:

We got to 60, then had to farm forever still for our 1 K mount.

Raiders, who were getting cool gear pieces, had the most trouble getting the 1 K for the epic mount.

My Vanilla 60 NE Holy Priest, mainly out soloing for the Epic Mount Money, took so long to get the 1 K that she got Ironforge to EXALTED by then; So her first Epic mount was a White ram (not that many people had epic mounts before her, either.)

AHAH I find this funny:

That is her, at 111:


Darnassus 915 / 21000 Revered

Exodar 2501 / 12000 Honored

Gilneas 1201 / 6000 Friendly

Gnomeregan 11198 / 12000 Honored

Ironforge Exalted

Stormwind 10955 / 21000 Revered

Traitor to her own race! :wink:

With Layering, people have the money for the epic mount ALREADY by selling things to NPCS (if you believe the screenshots, etc.)

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It would not take long to get 1k gold if you know the right spots to abuse, Chests/Rare spawns etc, and you are ahead of the curve in the high 40’s and 50’s.

Considering the layering exploits we are now seeing you were absolutely correct. I think people got tired with blizzard and telling them to it ruin the game, we just didn’t have any energy left to fight layering also.


I rolled a character on an RP realm and they still have layering everywhere even in capitals. There was people complaining they can’t RP with others because they’re not on the layer where most people are RPing. Layering is just wrecking Classic for every single community.

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That’s not a bad idea, but I think they’re still thinking Classic is going to die in a week or something so they don’t want to do that.

Still really don’t understand their mindset on that one, a lot of people are getting attracted to the game and enjoying it quite a bit. I’ve had several IRL friends decide to come to the game after classic’s launch, and I myself haven’t played since early Cata and was absolutely loving the game until I started seeing group invites for layering abuse.

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