Classic is a total bust, economy ruined

So sad, I loved classic but this layering abuse has destroyed every server economy.


Okay Chicken Little


Hasn’t effected my realm yet. All of the uptight weirdos who take this game too seriously frequent PVP realms. I’m safe!


I rather like and appreciate it. I don’t have to deal with astronomical prices in getting fairly decent gear.

Greens are reasonably priced, as are blues, and other random items. Zero complaints from me outside of my wish people would stop with the single item crap. Scrolling through 20+ pages to find a stack is annoying.

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It hasn’t effected any realm yet seriously.

When use of the Layering addon becomes Mainstream and the thing to do, then it will be catastrophic.

covering my ears I’m not listening. Lalalalala!

Can thank Blizzard for allowing addons =)
the AH for resources is extremely unfriendly unless you have an Addon.

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Pretty sure they (Blizz) said they’re not going to allow any form of grouping up addon in Classic. I’ll find the source shortly.


Hasnt affected my server, and I bet blizzard does something to those abusing it. People are just over reacting to troll, they are immature, or cant handle the slightest thing going wrong.

Just think about it, next time you find a chest, or a rare spawn.
think about how you could just… use a addon and layer hop in the spot and get that chest or Rare spawn like 10-15 more times.

It would be totally fair and balanced right?



Once they address this, I’m curious to see what the next OMG-IT’S-KILLING-CLASSIC outrage bonanza is going to center on. We’ve had ClassicLFG, ServerQueues, Layering … there has to be something else for people to lose their sh*t over but I can’t think of what at the moment.

You mean those people layer hopping farming black lotus and devilsaur leather?

Yea. It’s pretty rad.

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focusing on something inconsequential to ignore the problem Ah! Look at the ants on the ground. They’re working so hard!

There is a reason the community in game recommend staying away from the forums, wished I could. Every few days this board blows up over something, blizzard takes action and the game just keeps adding people and everybody actually playing the game is having a great time.

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Who cares about the economy when you don’t participate in it?

Raids being “too easy” will be a big one once all the non-tryhard exploit abusers start doing MC runs.

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Edit…i was wrong about layer abuse. Layering exploit is real - Guy has 160,000 gold in Arcane Crystals

WORKAROUND for single item auction trouble, well, the workaround is the same thing that causes it, and AH addon with “Buy” Feature.