Layered Realms Update - Oct. 22

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Today, we took the final step to reach a state where there are no longer multiple layers on the following realms:

Bloodsail Buccaneers
Yojamba (Australia)

These are in addition to the realms that we listed on October 3.

We continue to closely monitor player populations and realm performance, and we expect to move the remaining layered realms to their final state soon.

Free Character Moves continue to be available from many of the highest-populated realms, and as before, we suggest that anyone considering using that service do so as soon as possible.

Rumor Control...Layering Removed?
Insane Amount of Players
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Well that explains it.

(Drumstep) #4

Could you guys maybe, just maybe, give us a little bit of a heads up next time to… you know so people don’t get stuck in an hour long queue and miss their raids? It honestly feels like you guys are spiting in our faces for supporting your game for over 15 years.


It honestly feels like you guys are spiting in our faces for supporting your game for over 15 years.

lol calm down turbo nerd. So you were twenty minutes late to Molten Bore. Big deal.


Thanks blizz, honestly faster than I thought it would take to get rid of them.


So just Herod and Faerlina left to be un-layered then?


WTB Phase 2 in the first or second week of November then. Announce it at Blizzcon! :smiley:

Want to start that honor grind already, so bored lol.


Thanks for the update!


That’s what we thought.


Then there would be no incentive to realm transfer. They want you to hit the queue boss.


It’s obvious that nobody has ever spat in your face before.

(Drumstep) #14

That might be the case but many people have suggested better ways to address this issue, including my own here.

Blizzard make a space on the forums for players to connect with their old guilds and friends.
Blizzard invited everyone to reserve names on the server they wanted to play on.
Blizzard added layering to deal with overcrowding.

I just don’t see why Its now left up to players to fix the problem by ditching their friends, Guilds and Names just to play without waiting in an hour long queue.

edit: I mean this is the nicest way possible, I’m just a little intense when I want to get my point across.


Calm down a little bit.


You listed these things in reverse though…

This happened first.

This happened second.

This happened last.

Regardless, why does everything have to be a conspiracy with you people? Were you even here in the first month when queue times were half a night long? Great strides have been taken to reduce and remove this, yet when the biggest issue people had prior and post launch (layering) is finally being removed, something new is found to be crapped on.

Seriously. Give it a rest. This is ridiculous.

“Hurr durr players responsibility to fix the problem” you can’t be serious! I refuse to believe that you are serious. Even though I know you probably are… it’s just like… are you actually serious??

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Thanks for removing layering early!

Much more world PVP going on in Stranglethorn Vale now compared to yesterday on Grobbulus.


Yay, another wave of realm transfers to screw with faction balance even more.

(Drumstep) #19

If you’re tired of the topic then don’t participate.


@Kaivax do you have any comments on the impact that free server transfers have on realms where the faction imbalance is significantly impacting the future of the server? Stalagg currently has one of smallest alliance populations and the free transfers off the server have made it even worse. Are there any plans for the future to help remedy the unintentional consequence of allowing the alliance players who didn’t like the imbalance to leave, furthering the issue on stalagg?


Seriously why are transfers suddenly available again for Alliance on Stalagg?

Are you trying to make it even more imbalanced?

If you want to give people a way off in order to lower the population then make the transfers Horde only.