Layered Realms Update - Oct. 22

cry more about it, just transfer to a better server…

Why? So we have a repeat of Heartseeker which has only Alliance and no Horde? How are these “solutions” when it only makes things worse?


you should be glad layering lasted as long as it did, the promise was a few weeks of layering and then good bye forever.

blizzard warned you months ago this would happen

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What exactly is the point you think you’re addressing or trying to make here?


heartseeker is still dead horde side. but i guess blizzard just sees that the server has a lot of players on it and figures “lol problem solved”


that we’re tired of layering and it’s time for it to go? that you had it longer then blizzard promised the people who didn’t want it before they would pull it? that you should be grateful?

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I have said nothing about layering. Care to reread it?

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ah my bad. sorry.

You, you’re tired of it. It never bothered me because I’m not easily bothered by tiny little things in a video game.


When are you going to just let me bang bro, open the battlegrounds right now, don’t be scared homie!

As much as I detest modern blizzard, please shut up. I promise they weren’t sitting in the dev room thinking of ways to piss Drumstep off. MC isn’t that hard, find a pug.


incendius :^)

Pagle PvE is still layered.

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They’ve said that they’re working on it for months. How much more warning do you want?

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Using the boiling frog method?

From what I understand, their solution was nothing more than, wait for enough people to stop playing so that the problem would resolve itself and layering could be removed. Since enough people didn’t stop playing, they decided to remove layers anyways causing unnecessary queue. From my point of view, it just seem like a tricky way of steering players back to retail.

its almost like they told everyone the plans to do this months in advance, and offered guilds that didn’t want to be interupted by queues a chance to transfer for a month now.

Damn shame they didn’t offer more advance notice to the people who didn’t transfer and chose to raid on patch/reset day that they would continue to push said changes /s


Ohhhh noooooooooo not late to molten corrrrreeeee! Pepehands


Good riddance. Thank you. Bring on the world pvp. This semi-truce has to go! Bring on the gankage!

arcanite reaper need some help please send them our way

Only seven (7) layered realms left!

Whitemane, Fairbanks (West)
Faerlina, Herod, Incendius, Pagle (East)
Arugal (OCE)

So end of layering in 2-4 weeke? Shorter? Longer?