Insane Amount of Players

How is it that a month later we are still getting queues? I tried logging on at noon PST and I was up in a 15 minute wait. I thought layering was supposed to fix this


Layering is gone on certain servers, but not sure how its removal is causing queues to suddenly increase.

I might be missing something regard how Layering works in Classic, but it seems to be the cause of high queues now.

Having a grand time with my never-had-a-queue server


It is by design. They have from the beginning been trying to prevent dead servers for the long run. For most of Classic servers it seems to be working.

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Blizzard let in the amount of people that could be total per server including layers. In other words more people could log on because they could be distributed between layers.

Now they cannot because there is only one layer on many servers.

Hilarious how some of you were preaching like religion how ques wouldn’t happen when layering was removed since they had nothing to do with eachother but now that there are ques you all have surprised pikachu face like the rest of us didn’t see this coming a month ago


Because the queues weren’t actually some hard-limit of the capacity of the hardware, but also how many players the game-world can actually support in it at once.

If layers are gone, queues might need to be back to keep the single-layer population manageable.

Imagine everyone at the same popular farming spots.

Kinda glad I Xferred to a medium pop realm tbh.
It feels more like vanilla than my megaserver ever did.

Layering was removed so how is it supposed to fix it?

No I get how Layers work dividing player base.

I don’t get how that removing it suddenly causes a queue on the server.

Did the people in other Layers move to other servers per Layer?

Me too I’m on Arcanite Reaper. :smiley:

Right at the top of the forum, for goodness sake.

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There was more than a server number of players on the servers overall, simply split into layers. How is this still not understood?

Population deniers are a real thing.

Popular servers are popular.

Do you not remember when they expanded how big each layer was to help alleviate the queues?

Each layer allowed more people on the server than the server population’s cap.
The layers are gone on most server and that’s why the queues are back.

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Me too!
I xferred last week.

If I see you, I’ll /wave or something.

Calm down little mama.

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Are you seriously questioning how stupid people can be?

For shame oh farty one, for shame.

Anyone who reads the blue posts and actually has reading comprehension saw this coming.

Which realm?

If it was a realm that Blizz collapsed two layers into one, that’s your answer.

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