A full Classic server has a third as few Black Lotus relative to players

Yes you missed the part where removing layers lowers the max logged in player cap.

So keep every lotus you can .Start today & save them for Naxx.

You’ll have plenty enought lotus to raid every week full of flasks.

Problem solved.

Lotus were mean to be rare and a luxury, they were even BOP before 1.7, so only usable by alchemists.

I understand why Blizzard removed “rare ressources” now. So much players that can’t stand the fact that the other may have something that they don’t.

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And that should tell you that in vanilla flasks were never intended to be used by everyone in every raid. That is a BC+ mentality that doesn’t work in classic.

There weren’t enough lotus for that in vanilla, the realms are the same size, the lotus count is the same today and shockingly there aren’t enough lotus for it today.

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No. I missed where they said they lowered it to Vanilla caps. My understanding was they removed layering which did lower the caps but they were still much higher than Vanilla’s.
Got a link to this or should I just googlefu it myself?

From an interview with Ion.

Newman: How big is a single layer? What’s the end target you’re shooting for, for each server?

Hazzikostas: Each layer is effectively going to be what a healthy server was at launch in 2004 in terms of the number of people it holds.

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When was that because all I’m finding is stuff about layering, it’s removal and an increase to caps.

My googlefu is sucking today. lol


[quote="Ziryus-doomhammer, post:55, topic:492970"]

This is from Aug 26th? They increased the cap in October.

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Yes they increased the number of layers on some realms. Not the size of the layers.

I have yet to see anywhere that the size of layers was increased, or that after layers were removed the concurrent login cap was increased.

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Blizzard themselves said that classic medium-pop servers were already more populated than the most crowded vanilla servers, so yeah, you’re wrong.


They were removing layering at this time. I can’t find anything about them saying they actually did decrease the cap. Only thing I’ve found is where they increased it. Removed layering and nothing besides Ion saying the goal was Vanilla caps but no indication that ever happened.

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This is what springs to my mind. They never gave a hard number. Just some mumbo jumbo about medium being like 4x Vanilla caps.

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It’s really not. I’m tired of everyone cracking jokes about how easy the content is and in the same breath complaining that it’s expensive to get flasks.

Yes with layering turned on, of course they were.

Yep with layering turned on.

But since layers themselves were the size of vanilla realms, when they collapsed realms down to one layer we’re left with realms that are the same size as vanilla realms.

And ultimately doesn’t change the point that it was never intended for everyone to be flasked every raid in vanilla.

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Yea I don’t care about this. This content is not hard enough to waste gold on flasks. we have gear min/maxxed to the point we can kill anything as long as we execute strats correctly. Flasks don’t do anything but increase parse epeen. Those into that can have it.

Yea but there is nothing about decreasing it. Just the removal of layering and queues were only really bad for the over populated realms. So I don’t see how 4x Vanilla pop servers didnt have massive queues too. I was on two different medium pop servers and the queue was not bad after layering was removed. Non existent most times I logged on.
That just doesn’t make sense. if we had Vanilla caps we would have had queues this entire time when layering was removed…

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But they did decrease it, they changed all realms to single layer. That directly impacts the concurrent players logged in.

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For this to remain logically consistant, you must be implying they forcibly removed players from servers when they removed layers.


Nope, they just stuck them in queues :slight_smile:

the capacity is definitely more now, why do you think they had layers?