Rumor Control...Layering Removed?

No, it’s just me that’s supposed to move on lol.

I feel like layers are only there because Blizzard is counting the amount of characters made in the game and isn’t really counting how many are actually active. So high population servers are actually just servers with many characters made not how many are actively playing in the server.

I have saw some threads from people on the higher populated realms saying this as well. Some were even claiming this for Herod.

I had a hard time believing many of those threads because my realm isn’t one of the huge ones like Faerlina and Herod and it has maintained a very healthy population.

My guess is those who claimed Herod and other highly populated realms were “dead”, were actually on low populated layers.

Look on server select screen. Layered servers say “layered”.

I would suspect many realms have endless groups LFM Tank in LFG which can be frustrating for all. Anybody suggesting that these realms aren’t populated are clearly blind.

Blizzard might have manually flagged those servers as “layered” and it’s not an automated update.


Just go to the realm selection screen. Grobb is still layered.

you can see if your server is layered on the realm selection screen

dont care what realm selection screen says. grobb has 1000+ queue and that hasn’t happened in a looong time. either layers are gone or server is messed up

You don’t stay on the same layer after you log out for over 5 minutes.

They seem to be gone from Blaumeux aswell, guild tried to get a layer for over an hour but it seems everybody was on one layer.

My bet is Blizzard is frustrated that people are largely ignoring their free transfer offer. So, they have changed the layer configuration - maybe fewer layers allowed is one way they might do it. It has caused queuing to occur at peak hours and makes us all feel the pain. They are pushing harder for transfers so they can remove layers and get on to Phase 2.

first time grobb has had a queue in a while, I’m hoping that means layers are gone.

but as someone in another thread pointed out, today is also raid night for a lot of people, so that could be it but I doubt it.

But listens to what players in game “perceive” is happening…got it.

Recheck your server lists. Atiesh in the past couple of hours went from showing as layered to showing as high pop. So the rumors for us seem to have been true, just the tag didn’t catch up as fast.

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When I typed that post I was looking at the realm list. Right now this minute there are only five layered servers left, so looks like you’re right.

Ahhh. Why do I never think to look for new blue posts?

It feels removed to me. Higher population in town, queue to login when there hasnt been one for a long time, me and my friends all being on the same layer when we login for once.

The evidence suggests strongly that it has been removed.

Well here is another anecdote from Grob.

You have a login queue? Maybe its from a server cap change or a layer change I can’t say.

But I sell about 5 potions a day on auction house normally. Today I sold about 35 potions. That is a significant uptick.

So I think just more people logged on today more than usual. Why? Don’t know. Maybe to try and rush farm a Pumpkin Bag.