Late Night AOTC/KSH LF Tank/Healers/rDPS [Hyjal] - T/W - 10:30 PM EST/7:30 PM PST

Hello WoW Community,

We are Visibly Confused, a guild founded on Hyjal with roots going back to 2010. We were previously known as “From The Internet” on US Arthas. We are currently AOTC with most guildies having KSH as well.

1 Non Druid tank. Brew/Pally/DK preferred.
Any strong DPS. High need for a Hunter, SP, Shaman.
1-2 Healers Any non Druid Healer.
Strong DPS!
Bonus points for any multi-spec/flex players =)

Casuals / M+ players :
Any classes/specs welcome.
We do have a Community that is open for anyone to join :

What are we?
We are adults with grown problems who play WoW to escape RL and have fun slaying dragons together.
Our raid focus is AOTC and our M+ focus is KSH.
We have fun playing this game.
We pride ourselves on creating an enjoyable, friendly, and fun gaming environment.

We are not a Mythic raiding guild.

Raid schedule
Tuesday and Wednesday
10:30pm Eastern to 1am Eastern
7:30pm Pacific to 10pm Pacific
Generally speaking most of the team is active around raid hours most nights.

Discord required
Be a good, respectful person.
Be a team player.
No raid logging (please complete at least 1 m+ per week)

If anyone is interested, please drop a message here or message me on discord to talk more. (Markwahlbear)


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Looking to solidify the roster, give us a shout with any questions.

Have a good one!

Hey everyone, see above. Take care!

Looking to sure up those healer / dps spots. Give us a shout! Take care.

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Looking to trial some healers / dps tonight for our weekly heroic clear. Start Time is 730pm PST / 1030 pm EST - give me a shout if you’re interested.

Hi friends… For those who have asked, our guild is growing naturally… we are NOT currently “fighting the roster boss” or “rebuilding”, we are still active and still having lots of fun. Give us a shout if you sound a lot like us! Take care!

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Looking to solidify that raid team! Give us a shout.

Immediate need for healers, hit us up =)

Looking to try out some healers for our heroic clear tomorrow night, give us a shout!

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Give us a SHOUT if you are looking for a full time healing spot! Take care.

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Updated with needs. 1 tank and 1-2 healers. Give us a message. Have a good one!

To the top!

Bump bump, secure your spot with an awesome group before the next patch.

Looking to sure up that tank spot. Please like running M+ as well, :]

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We are doing our weekly H clear Tuesday 730 pm PST. If you would like to trial with us then, give me a message. Have a good one!

Still looking, give us a shout!

To the top!

Bump, give us a shout if you want to try out the vibes with us on the weekly H clear.

Hey how’s it going y’all ? Still looking!

To the top, looking to get the team rounded out! If you want to join us for a H Skip at raid times, let us know!