444 Prot Warrior LF 1 or 2 Night Raid Team - LF Late PST

Hey all,

Just a quick spiel here…444 prot warrior with significant M+/past raiding experience LF a home for 10.2 here. Ideally, looking for AotC, or even more, on a 1 or 2 night schedule. LF late night PST folks. I’m happy to go into more details and to talk about my past experience with interested parties. Drop your info below. :slight_smile:

Hello, Crash Override is recruiting for DPS with an ability to flex to tank. We have a healthy mythic+ community, so a tank is always welcome there.

We are an AOTC and KSM focused guild looking to enter Mythic raiding as our core raid team has been very successful with Heroic this expansion, having achieved AOTC in 10.0 in 6 weeks and in 10.1 in 5 weeks. We currently need to expand our numbers and fill a handful of raid spots left by some players who have retired from the game.

At Crash Override, you’ll find a guild full of mature players that have a lot of fun playing together. Our core group has been raiding with each other for years and we went through a server transfer together in 2021.

We strive to host events that will continually provide entertainment and a sense of progression in the game. Event nights like Mythic+, Raids, PvP, Achievement & Transmog Runs are generally hosted weekly (except during early progression of new raid content).

Our current schedule is (all EST):

Wednesday: Mythic+ (Guild Push Groups) on hold until 10.2 Starts at 9:30 pm
Thursday: Raid Night 1 9:30 pm to 12:00
Sunday: Raid Night 2 9:00 pm to 12:00

We’re looking to recruit raiders interested in starting out on Heroic in 10.2 with a move to Mythic once we have our AOTC achievement.

We have a fully established, boosted Discord server that sees a lot of activity throughout each week.

If you want to chat further, message me on discord at Divacupp

Hello fellow tank, exactly what time PST is late? We raid/play most nights around 730pm to 10pm PST, with raid days specifically being Tues/Wed. Let me know if this works by reaching out to me on discord. Markwahlbear

Full g spam is below. Best of luck in your search.