Looking for a new home!

Greetings, Fellow Champions of Azeroth!
We are a dedicated husband-wife team, eager to embark on new adventures in World of Warcraft, and we come bearing a few key preferences that we hope to find in our new guild:
About Us:
• Names: Logan and Deanne
• Faction: Currently Alliance
Our Preferences:
• Raid Schedule: We’re seeking a guild with a schedule of two nights a week.
• Family-Friendly and Chill Environment: We value a guild that prioritizes a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, making it feel like a second home.
• Achievements: AOTC (Ahead of the Curve) at least every tier, with some Mythic progression in raiding.
• Mythic+ Focus: We’re enthusiastic about participating in M+ groups, and we’re excited to contribute to the guild’s success in this area.
• WotLK Classic Bonus: We’re also nostalgic for the days of WotLK Classic, and it would be a bonus if the guild shares this sentiment.
What We Bring:
• Experience: My husband (logan)has been playing World of warcraft since stress test vanilla and has played every toon. I (Deanne) bring 10+ years to the table. World of warcraft is what bonded us!
• Roles: logan is dps, rogue and DK. Deanne is a healer mainly playing pally and priest (holy and disc)
• Dedication: We’re committed to maintaining a high level of performance and contributing to our guild’s success.
• Teamwork: Communication, cooperation, and a positive attitude are at the core of our playstyle.
Additional Information:
• Playtimes: we prefer evening raids any time after 8 pm est.
• Preferred Server: we are on stormrage but open to others as well
If your guild embodies these qualities and is looking for dedicated, team-oriented players to join your ranks, we’d be thrilled to talk further.
• In-Game: Bubblemommy , essehbee#1406
• Discord: sabswife
We’re eager to find a guild that aligns with our values and aspirations. Let’s conquer Azeroth together!
Warm regards,
Logan and Deanne

Discord request sent. Lets chat

Hey Logan and Deanne,

Good backstory, most of us are ex HC raiders as well, from “back in the day”. We found the sweet spot of AOTC and KSH with no Mythic raiding. My first question is how late can you both play? We are an adult AOTC focused guild here but we play a bit later than 8pm Eastern. Most players are active 10pm Eastern+ with raids ending at 1am. We have a handful of couples here and you’d most likely enjoy our vibe. Give me and or SmurfetteQT a shout if you want to talk more. We are still clearing Heroic weekly. We are Not “rebuilding” or “fighting the roster boss” we are simply expanding the guild and rounding out the raid team for next tier/M+. My disc is Markwahlbear or you can reach smurfetteqt our GM on disc as well.

Have a good one. Our full g spam is below.

bump it up!

Hi Logan and Deanne,
I sent a friend request on discord. I am from Continuum and would love to have a chat with ya’ll!

Hey there!. We are currently recruiting for the new patch (and while we waiting durning this looooooong lul) I linked our current recruitment post below with our info (and contact info) and times and see if you are a fit for what you are looking for. I also sent you a discord request so we can chat further .

Happy Hunting!