Late Night AOTC/KSH LF Tank/Healers/rDPS [Hyjal] - T/W - 10:30 PM EST/7:30 PM PST

Still looking to get things ready for the next tier, still doing Heroic skips weekly. Give us a shout!

Bumping to the top.

Give us a shout if we sound like a good fit, be glad to talk to you!

Have a good one!

Still looking to solidify that roster!

To the top!

Still looking to round out to that roster. Our Heroic clear next week will be on Wednesday, so if you’re interested in possibly trialing please give us a shout!

Still looking!

Trying to round out the roster asap, give us a shout! =]

Looking to round out that roster. Hit me up!

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Still looking for a tank? I’ve played a prot warrior most of DF — that is at 444, but I have a blood DK that is 434 if that is a strong preference.

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Thanks for the message. Yes, we are, give me a shout on discord.

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Hmm…despite the changes, I still can’t add you on discord to chat without the # and extra digits. Can you add me? Mine is showing as noaxecuse#0.

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Markwahlbear or bobbymercer#8749 should work - said you weren’t accepting friend requests. If you are on realm send me an in game message, will send you our disc server