It's That Time of the Year Again: Remove School of Hard Knocks from Children's Week Meta Achievement

They should change it to SCHOOL OF HARDER KNOCKS: Kill 25 players of the opposite faction while in War Mode. Also make the orphans into guardians that can fight and get attacked. Also you have to start over if your orphan dies. Also your orphan gains 20% strength and size per kill until they are like 50 feet tall.


Got it a long time ago but yet they should remove or change the requirement. Would have been better to just get HK in a BG or something like that. Really the achievement don’t even make sense. I mean why would you bring an orphan child into a warzone? Even the dark ages people knew better than that…well most of them.


I would also like to add that this achievement specifically requires you to bring children into the battlefield, which I believe is a real-life war crime.

Blizzard glorifying the use of children in war - SMH…


I’d done it on both of my accounts by a few years ago, but the process was not fun.

The issue is, unlike all the other PvE requirements, other players can and do go out of their way to actively prevent players from getting the achievement. They can see when you’re going for it because they can see your orphan out, and they delight in trolling people and bitterly complaining that their team is full of people who normally don’t PvP just there for an achievement. I understand the opposite team trying to stop you from capping a flag, that’s like…what they’re there for. But when your own team does it and can “lololololol” at you in chat it just turns people bitter towards the game and PvP in general.

Which is counterproductive to keeping your subscribers.

It is, and always has been, a terribly-designed achievement.


If you struggle doing some other kind of world of warcraft content for an achievement then you most likely don’t deserve the achievement anyways. This achievement is about PvP. Stop crying and queue up some bgs if you want to have it. If not then leave it as it is.

I literally got all my Children’s Week achievements done in a single day the first year I tried. I think it’s so funny people complain about this year after year after year. Just do the BGs.

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I’m a pve player. I literally got all of them done yesterday in 4 BGs. Easiest was actually AV cause everyone was just tower cap trading the entire time. Was absolutely stupid because everyone was just trading flag/tower caps. It wasn’t even pvp in any of the BGS.

This achievement isn’t as bad as it looks. I got it on this character back in '09, and on my 'lock, and on my mage.

The best thing to do is when you go into each bg tell the group you are there for the achievement and see if anyone will let you tag along with them for protection.

AV there is always a tower being assaulted and retaken to be reassaulted. Sure it may take several bg’s to get it done, but it is doable. Sometimes you’ll find opposite faction people who are there just to trade the assaults … just try not to kill them.

Warsong Gulch make a mouseover keybinding and spam it when you mouseover a fallen flag.

Arathi is again just hit and miss, try talking to the team before the bg starts and see if the team is willing to split up and let achievement hunters get it. You don’t have to get the first flag, watch for ones your team is losing and get others to go with you to retake it.

Eye of the storm was actually the one i had the most trouble with, because you have to actually capture the flag. But it is doable.

The key thing is communicating with the whole team. Yes sometimes the pvp’ers hate this achievement and get really annoyed at all the pve’ers in there mucking things up. But alot of the time they are really willing to help people get the achievement. If nothing else just to make the bg’s less pve’er filled. lol.

I have macro’s for each bg reminding the team to help people get the achievements, and reminding people to make sure their orphans are out. Nothing worse than doing your part and it not counting because the orphan was gone.

The specific requirements needed for this achievement are a pain. (see tips to achieve above). Changing the requirements slightly would improve it.

It is that time of year again, please remove this achieve from the meta.


Actually, all I need is the AV one and what’s more frustrating is that I can’t even get in one to at least TRY and do it.

I was super blessed that the other 3 were queueable on their own and thankfully one shot them. I’m on a 53 Rogue. I tried on a lower level 31 Rogue and even WSG doesn’t even pop at that level (I didn’t try random).

Since Children’s Week began this week. I’ve spend 4+ hours so far in the specific AV queue, 1 hour + in the Random Epic queue at a chance of it between IoC and WG but even that’s not popping up.

I’m literally stuck going into regular randoms and hoping for it to be AV. I /afk when it’s not and I have to wait the 15 min debuff out each time. Currently doing that now.

It should’ve been off the meta AGES ago.

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Hello Collectors!

To help you on your trip to obtaining the Violet Proto-Drake mount, we have a hotfix in the works that removes the School of Hard Knocks requirement for the Children’s Week achievement For the Children. This hotfix should be deployed soon and will be noted in the hotfixes update.


I have it already, but hooray to those who don’t have to deal with this travesty of an achievement


Well that’s lovely. :hugs:


Holy necro Batman!

And just exactly how many raid tiers is this going to cost us?

Inquiring bovine minds want…no…need to know. Thanks in advance.

And for those that didn’t have this, thanks for this change.

/moo :cow:


Linxy can we have a proper customization pass for Void elves and Blood elves please? As well as Dark Iron Dwarves and Zandalari Trolls? We’d be eternally grateful honestly! Please check the Void elf and San’Layn megathreads for the requests!

This was the last achievement I needed to get the drake and I just completed it like 2 days ago XD

BTW, since you’re removing this from the meta and therefore more people are finally getting their drake, maybe you could fix the animation bugs with the model? I’m so crushed that I can barely use the drake I’ve been working on since 2009 because flying is so disorienting and the /mountspecial is simultaneously unnerving and hilarious XD


Is this what Salandria references in her “pissed” quote? She says, “I’m going to tell the orphanage about the school of hard knocks!” or something like that. I guess she’s referencing telling on the player for taking her into battlezones when she was a child?


I got this years ago, but this really is one of the best signs that you are listening to your players!

Thank you!


if your fixing achievements, can you look into alterac blitz, this achievement has become almost impossible to do in today game. Another one is the 5k pvp pet battle achievement (legendary pet battler) when most time I queue for pet pvp battle and on one joins for an hour or more. horrible achievements that need fix.