It's That Time of the Year Again: Remove School of Hard Knocks from Children's Week Meta Achievement

Non-PVPers hate it because they’re easy prey and a disproportionate amount of players to the objective, PVPers hate it because their battlegrounds are basically ruined for a week straight.

Every year people overwhelmingly tell Blizzard they hate this achievement, and I’m sure this year will be no different. I questioned why I hadn’t gotten my Violet Proto Drake yet, and now that we’ve hit the final batch of holiday achievements I need, I’ve come to remember. Take it off the Meta achievement already and put something else on there that isn’t a complete slog to finish.


As someone who did it 8 years ago, I do agree that it wasn’t a fun experience. I wouldn’t mind if they removed it, or changed it.


No changes, I enjoy knocking PvE players off the flag into the abyss.


Oh that reminds me. I heard they added in kul tiran and zandalari orphans this year. If I go do it on my horde toon, what are the chances that the whistle lets me call Talanji?


Even worse for this year, the achievements for AB and WSG are bugged. You can’t complete them.

Thankfully, I got it done years ago.


As someone who doesn’t pvp much it was fun when I got it. I was doing 2s with a friend on my feral druid so I was decent enough to get it done.

I say keep it while I laugh at all the tears that flood the forum.


I don’t mind the achievement staying but if it’s going to be broken hopefully they hotfix it soon, or else that’ll be a huge bummer.

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Oh yes I definitely agree. Having it bugged is unacceptable.


Also take away all the PvE parts as well! Us PvPers shouldn’t be forced to do those portions!


I am just curious how assaulting the tower works for Alterac Valley? Can only one person assault a tower at a time? I notice that queues for epic BGs take awhile.

Yeah first person to capture the flag in the tower gets credit, same as arathi basin base flags.

The other faction can take it back and you’ll get another shot, you have to convince people to let them though.

I think some of these could be quite doable if you get a pre-made group and take turns working together. Though I think the largest group you can do with these is 5, unless you do rated, right? I’m going to give it a shot this year. I PVP but I only do healing so I think I would definitely like to see if anyone wants to try with me.

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They should have made to versions. A PvP and a PvE. Then make it that it doesn’t matter which one you got.


You are savage :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I get what you’re saying but this comes up every year and Blizzard hasn’t changed it yet. I don’t foresee them ever changing it.

So how will we know when it is hotfixed? I managed to get the part of the achievement in AV and EOTS, but I still need to get AB and WSG. People are saying it’s bugged, right?

Thank you so much, Jatish! Posts like this are why this is my favorite week of the WoW year! I’ve been working on things in RL as well as Pathfinder rep grinds in game, but I’m gonna make sure to get a fair amount of BG action so I can blow the lemmings off the EotS cliffs and multishot the people capping towers, etc. Thank you for the fuel I need to get through my day at university and have something to look forward to when I get home! Much love and luck on your meta.

Whoops, was logged in as the wrong character somehow. This is the character I will be using to set explosive traps by the EotS flag. Better watch out!

The pve ones are handed to you. The pvp one is a pain in the butt and more difficult and annoying to achieve especially when it bugs. Bugs are unacceptable for holidays as they’ve been out for years and years!


I’m not a real fan of PVP, and childrens week was the last one i needed to complete because i just wasn’t into doing the battle grounds. well i sucked it up and had them all done but eye of the storm.

The biggest pain was getting the flag from mid field. At one point someone had it and was standing at a tower waiting to cap. i politely asked if they could drop the flag and let me cap for the achievement and they did.

So all is not lost if people are just polite and willing to cooperate.