Balance of Power Acc Bound

maybe if you would actually read my objection to this instead of projecting your attitudes onto me you might be less insulting.

If you took that as insulting than you have bigger problems than just account wide collections

I still hope they make it account-bound but that is a genuinely helpful tip, thank you

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I’m currently hunting down a few reputation farms I haven’t done yet (close to 100) and I came across several farms which have been made easier over time. One reputation can be done, as an example, within 5 minute of work from Neutral to Exalted by turning in 22 items for 120 gold.

Doesn’t take this also the effort away people have done before? Yes, it does. But this is not about them, or you. These shortcuts have been introduced because it was acceptable at the given time to do these but are obsolete or just bad game design nowadays. You can complain all day and night long but you are not the target audience anymore. You did it when it was relevant to you (“first buyer”) and the game continues on with easier accessible content without you.

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You keep preaching like you are talking for blizzard. Show me some proof that they don’t care about my business and they only care about the lazy people who want shortcuts all the time.

Your argument also tells me you didn’t even bother understanding my concerns about this or maybe you are just one that likes to project.

In addition, this thread isn’t about account wide rep.

that isn’t what this is - this thread is about giving people a bunch of free stuff for doing nothing at this point.

I see you’re still spouting your bad faith narrative.

Asking to do a questline once for an account wide achievement isn’t asking to be handed free stuff for doing nothing.

A lot of stuff is going account wide next expansion. Maybe you need to play some other MMORPGs and get with the times.

This achiev being account wide is no different than the PvP achieves being account wide for those skins.

Keep tilting at windmills, though. :+1:

The level of effort is entirely different.

You’re right. The PvP one is much more time consuming and an actual grind— especially for casuals. Thanks for proving my point.

I got Honor 70 strictly from Wardens Towers during Legion across my 12 toons at the time.

Getting 80 for the last appearance took very little actual pvp, and it was all done from level 10-50.

Yes, the PvP one takes a very significantly greater level of effort, which justifies its account-wide status; as opposed to Balance of Power’s low level of effort which fails to justify its account-wide status. Thanks for proving my point.

Meanwhile, Balance of Power Requires…

  • Obtaining all of your Artifact Weapons
  • Completing 90% of Val’sharah’s Storyline
  • Completing the Light’s Heart Storyline
  • Completing your entire Order Hall Campaign
  • Complete 90% of Azsuna’s Storyline
  • Complete 50% of Suramar’s Storyline
  • Honored with Court of Farondis
  • Revered with Nightfallen
  • Revered with Valarjar
  • 30 Blood of Sargeras (which can take anywhere from Days to Weeks)
  • ~3 Runs of Emerald Nightmare (~3 weeks)
  • ~3 Runs of Nighthold (~3 Weeks)
  • Doing all 8 Legion Dungeons on Mythic

But sure, that’s not a lot at all, am I right? :roll_eyes:


Balance of power should be acc bound simply because it blocks the entire row of its weapon types. In particular it blocks the “do a 15” appearance. It should also be acc bound because it is beyond awful to replay, it is peak do it once type content.

I’ve taken 9 classes through BoP, and I’ve reached honor level 80. The level of effort and time required is entirely different. Nothing is difficult, everything can be done solo, the majority of it comes organically simply by playing Legion content, and rep tokens can all but obviate the time required to earn reputation. It’s about as casual as it gets, you can do it on your own time and schedule, and you don’t even have to be paying attention for most of it.

And in completing it you unlock the appearance for every spec of every character of that class.

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You talk like there is something beyond subjective value to your collection. Having cool stuff beyond outdated old content grinds, or worse just outright inaccessible, is more of a weakness for the game then a strength. If someone told me they did multiple runs of balance of power I’d feel bad for them, as someone who has also done multiple runs of balance of power and felt it was kinda dumb each time.

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you need to start reading your posts first if you are going to lecture people on what they should do

It justifies it greatly, seeing as how it’s nothing prestigious and just a long annoyance to keep doing over and over.

This doesn’t affect anyone negatively if it’s account wide.

Did you even bother to try and understand my objection to this - I said it right at the start of the thread - or did you just decide to reply to a response to my stalker.

here you go I will make it easy for you.

I’ve taken like 4 classes through BoP and have Honor 80.

I put significantly less time and effort into Honor 80 than those 4 classes through BoP.