It's That Time of the Year Again: Remove School of Hard Knocks from Children's Week Meta Achievement

I kinda argee with removing this don’t get me wrong I do both pvp and pve BUT achiments are supouse to be fun and this is stressful not fun if we took a vote sooo many would agree…an I idea I had was down a currnet mythic raid boss with your ophen out a lot of people would come together for this and even for pvpers it could be fun you don’t even have to change the name of the achiment

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Throwing my hat in as well. PvP achievements should STAY in PvP. Making them part of a world event focused on CHILDREN of all things is…ridiculous. This year I MIGHT be able to get a couple of friends to help me try these, but I’m not counting on success…and if it’s now bugged on top of everything else? Maybe it’s time to move this cheevo to Feats of Strength and let it die. People who have managed to get it, and are deservedly proud of it, will still have it, and everyone who has no interest/chance in hell of getting it can finally ignore it.

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Where did you hear that?

+1 to remove this stupid req. I can easily do it on DH and I will since at ilvl 410 I’m almost unstoppable alongside my leaps but still not cool.

While I don’t really care if they removed it, I have to say that if I could manage to get that piece of crud done, literally anyone can. That is, assuming the BG’s are functioning properly and all.

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First comment. Not sure if it’s confirmed 100%.

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Just do what I did, finish that part like ten years ago.


I feel… pretty dated, honestly. I’ve been playing this game since Dec 2004, always on a normal server. However, I came to enjoy the experience of, specifically, the old normal server mechanics. Even those were less penned-in than what we have now. Open world PvP was rare instead of nonexistent… pretty much every player dipped their toes in casual PvP to some extent.

Flash forward to today, “OH NO ANY PVP EVER!!! BLIZZARD IS FORCING ME BECAUSE OF A HOLIDAY META ACHIEVEMENT!!!” It’s surreal on so many levels, dear loa.


I think you mean “Flash forward to eleven years ago.” I mean, I started playing in 2008 and people were definitely complaining about this achieve even then.


I don’t remember a whole lot of people opposed to the fact that the meta had the PvP, just that the requirements were a bit much for the sheer volume of people trying to complete them.

Today, any PvP at all is definitely one of the issues,

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Got mine back in 2010, wouldn’t mind seeing it removed from the meta for other people that don’t like PvP. I remember it was very frustrating and would never want to do it again.


The complainers probably outnumber the complacent nowadays because most folks sucked it up and did it already, leaving those who refuse to do PvP as the only ones without the achieve.


oh I got the achive yesterday but I still stand by what I said its way more stressful than fun


Oh for crying out loud,. waaaa waaa waaa… you think you have it bad? the game is pretty much dead compared to when I did it in WoTLK and I did not cry a river like you! Seriously I did it on 7 different toons. 2 when the meta came out and then 5 more the next year and I never went to the forums to cry a river. Suck it up and do it like all the other ones that did it. and get ready for the winter one I can already hear you crying that the gnome achievement is too hard waaaaaaaa.

why I did it on so many toons simple doing it gave you free 310 speed you saved 5 to 10k gold so yeah a little pain and sweat but saved me gold back in the day.


PVPers hate it because their battlegrounds are basically ruined for a week straight.

didn’t blizzard already ruin pvp pretty much? enjoy your week of easy targets.

Can we bring back “Once an Orphan…”

Signed. Please remove it as a requirement. Leave it as an achievement for everyone who wants to do as many of those as possible. :+1:

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Oh no. They definitely were. The complaining was the worst for the first 2 years or so that this meta was out. It’s died down slowly since then.

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I enjoyed it when I did it years ago. I wouldn’t mind doing it again. I don’t see why this is an issue. Just don’t get the achievement if you don’t want to PvP. I’m sure there’s lots of other PvP achievements you don’t have.

You don’t see me complaining about raid achievements because I have to go into a raid to complete them. Raiders don’t want me and I don’t want to be there. Sound similar?

The problem is that it’s required for For the Children which is then itself required for What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

The point is that these achievements are related to holidays, which are by definition, supposed to be fun. PVP is decidedly NOT fun for some people. Moreover, it’s not JUST PVP that’s the issue, but the extremely specific requirements of the achievement.

If it was “get 10 HK’s while you have a buff” like for the “G.N.E.R.D. Rage” achieve, that would be simple enough, and can be completed just by assisting indirectly in BGs or any of a number of other activities.


Ya, I guess I understand that. PvP achievements generally fall in the PvP tab and raid achievements fall under the raid tab but most of the world events require a variety of activities.