Proto Drake camera bug

The camera is bugged for the Time-Lost Proto drake and the Blue Proto drake. The camera hovers high above the character.


I’m encountering the same bug.


violet, plagued and other Wrath specific PROTO drakes seem to have this problem, Guildy of mine says the dreadwake mount is also sitting to High on the screen same problem though


I just reported this here a bit earlier: Camera not centered while flying on some mounts

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bump. currently cant ride my time-lost due to camera dizzyness lol


I also have the same issue.

Still bugged


i only just got it as i was wondering what was with the camera view XD

Having the same issue with the Green Proto Drake. This has been going on for several months now.

Older thread: Old Proto Drakes model(Black, red, blue) bugged

Yeah I’ve got this issue as well for the tlpd but it doesn’t do it with rusted or ironbound for me

Having this issue currently.

Yup! I just got the mount and this camera view is awful! Please fix it!!

Same issue here, character and mount on bottom of screen instead of center when riding Green Proto Drake.

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Yep, since 9.2 dropped the camera has been high above my character on my time lost protodrake, Seems to be on every protodrake from testing with me and a few friends

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Tested after reading this and yup, sure enough, (Only While Flying) my character on any kind of proto-drake is on the bottom of my screen just halfway underneath my action bars on the UI. Also, the ground running animation is odd. Seems a bit too fast for the run speed. Plz fix, Blizz.

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Any update on this? I just got the Plague Protodrake off the BMAH and was looking forward to seeing it in flight and my spell CD UI overrides the mount LOL.

Only Protodrake I own is the Violet and the mount (when mounted) is below my screen. When I move the camera it feels like the camera is on a tripod 20 feet above the middle of the dragons body, and no matter how I pivot view all I get is a view of the foreground. It makes it extremely disorienting to figure out flying.

I got the violet proto-drake literally today and I was SO excited, and then discovered:

a) This camera bug affects me too; and
b) I discovered a /mountspecial animation glitch. The drake slides forward to do the animation, and then slides backwards like they’re rubber banded.

I made a video because this is hard to articulate in words.

Animation Bug Video

Just here to bump, that its still an issue for me at least, and submitted a bug report