Is using multiseat software with seperate input allowed?

Accounts that I tested with software to know if it’s forbidden didn’t get banned.

With the character that used multiseat software with separate inputs (on banned account), I get only through tutorial, because my friend took a lot of time learning things. Not much to grind there to get millions right?

they reserve the right to ban your account for any reasn they deem fit.

That doesn’t say they should do that or treat customers like that. Maybe it fits you, so you’re fine with that.

They sometimes don’t ban immediately. It could be days, weeks, months before they ban you for something you’ve done. It’s to prevent botters from coding around what got them banned.

Either way, you’re not telling the whole story and are trying to paint yourself out as the victim of Mr. Mean Blizzard. If you got banned, it’s for a reason and that reason sounds like botting/multiboxing with broadcasting software. Anyways, I’m done with this. Better luck with your next account.


Like I said I asked and the reason for ban was different than multiseat software. Also the account with game time got banned very quickly, others didn’t get banned at all.
So you’re basically saying they are always right. No comment for that.

Multiboxer sympathy is a rare thing to find - epic rare. Heelin said it all in a few words:

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But why? As casual gamer I don’t understand that. I just want to have fun with friends. If they want to get rid of everybody who does that even if it’s not cheating, wouldn’t it be right to improve system? In my case it’s not even multiboxing. It’s gaming with a friend. You would have a lot of fun. I recommend that for many games.

2 instances of the game on one computer is multiboxing. That’s the very definition. It doesn’t matter if they have different account owners.

By the way, if the 2 accounts in use don’t have different owners, then there’s account sharing, which is also banable.

Stop trying to rules lawyer. Either appeal or accept the ban, but stop eating everyone’s time with your slanted view.


You don’t know that, I don’t know what, CS doesn’t know that and they advised to ask on forum. These are only facts so far and I try to get real answer.

The reason multiboxing is aimed as cheating software is because cheaters use same input to control few different instances and do the same things on all of them. If you control them with different inputs how are you able to cheat? It’s technical discussion, if you don’t understand differences between few different options I described or basics how scripts work, then don’t answer.

Another disturbing fact is that now they can ban you just for having specific software on your device, not even for using it for wow, but for different games. And again, they didn’t give details of what software it might be there.

Blizz recently made it that any sort of software or hardware setup that allows for multiboxing is against the rules.
Doesnt matter if its 2 ppl sitting at the same machine or your multiboxing. If its an input based assistance, its against the rules.
About all you can do is have your alt accounts logged in and manually put them on follow and tab shift between the screens. Anything thats got input going to more than one wow instance at a time is a no no

Also keep in mind ban hammers dont happen instantly. And it doesnt have to be millions of gold involved. Its a black and white thing, if you have the software installed on your pc or are using hardware based options to get around the software use, and the game recognised unwanted player behaviours, youl eventually get banned.

Update about topic!

I got answer from CS and most likely I am right, however they were not entirely sure and they don’t know how to confirm that with team that makes anti cheat software.

“Multiboxing, or playing multiple World of Warcraft accounts at once, is not a violation of our End User License Agreement.”

Only doing the same things on both instances is violation.

My testing with trial accounts which didn’t get banned confirm that.

Again, because he was not sure, he suggests not do that.
If getting answer from technical team is not option, then I guess there is no more that can be got about that. So while it’s vague, there is small chance you can get banned without knowing if what you did is against rules. It should not be like that.

Multiboxing isnt against the rules, just using the software or hardware to make it simplified.

So if software separates input of devices, so each of them has access only to one instance then it qualifies as cheating? Do you think if I spend more time testing that with friend on trial accounts, will it confirm anything? Or I can test for year, buy game time and then got slammed right after that?

See, just like in your other thread, you’re just going to keep at it incessantly no matter what anyone here will tell you.

I will say that in regards to your ‘trial account experiment’ - it takes time for data to be collected and investigations to happen. Sometimes it takes days or weeks or even months for a sanction to be pushed through, so using them as your proof? That’s on you.

You will not receive a hard yes or no as to what is or isn’t allowed. I don’t know who you keep harassing with your repeated discussions about this, but if you keep filing tickets over and over expecting someone to provide you with permission, you’re doomed to disappointment. I don’t know who ‘CS’ is, as if you’re filing tickets, you’re speaking with GMs. If you’re speaking to a Dev or a SFA through twitter, same deal. They have NEVER given explicit and clarified information as to what is or isn’t allowed outside of the rules laid out in the CoC and EULA and the addendums that have come since.

Pretty much it boils down to you do you. And we’ll see you back if/when you do get sanctioned despite all of us here warning you against this convoluted thing you’re trying to do.

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Since when wanting to know the rules is harassing? The way you talk about that is so cultish.
I’m fine with some users trying to help and warn that it might be bannable, but I should receive official non vague answer, how can even anyone think as customer that being vague about rules in any company is right thing to do.

Because the way you’re talking you’ve sent in I don’t know how many tickets. It’s not that they don’t know this or that. It’s because they cannot give explicit information. Just like with your main account being sanctioned. Some rules must remain fluid to give Blizzard the room to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of what people will do.

You seem to be under the delusion that if you just get the right person you’ll get someone to say something to the tune of what you want. It was explained in your other thread and it’s been explained here.

Blizzard will not give a hard yes or hard no to any sort of set-up, software, hardware - any of it. They never have, likely never will. To do so not only gives players wiggle room to try and arm-chair lawyer their way out of something and it gives illegal players and botters the same.

Anything that streamlines multiboxing in any fashion is against the rules. If you have to ask “Is this permissible?” It likely is not and should be avoided. Play the game the way it’s meant to be played. There is no need for some convoluted set-up. You play on your system, your buddy plays on theirs.

Adding references to Blues saying what we’ve been saying.:


I think this topic is just going in circles. Most are advising against this method of multiboxing based on: the steps needed to make it happen, previous comments from staff, and interpretations of the rules.

Anything you do concerning this is at your own risk. Everyone who has commented is another player like yourself, including me. I highly recommend against this method since it’s such a gray area you won’t get any clarity on. If it seems risky, it probably is.

Edit: Furthermore, this thread is entirely off-topic since it does not concern a technical support issue (connection problems, crashing, etc.).


Hey there Jsvysjc,

The question here is an interesting one and I can understand why there is confusion regarding the responses given. Most of what is needed to know about this has already been said but I figured my response may help put this to rest with as much clarification as possible.

Multiboxing, or playing more than a single World of Warcraft account at once is not a direct violation of the End User License Agreement. Programs that copy key presses or in any way mirror button presses to multiple accounts is however. This also includes software or hardware that automate or streamline multiboxing. Our general policy on this is found here.

We made public announcement regarding this change on our website. Later on, we made another post on the forums regarding this here.

The title of the thread here does mention software. I then see it mentioned that a friend is using a different input device on the same system to control, and thus not actually mirror what the keyboard is doing. This is a grey area and one that, frankly, few in Customer Support would be able to directly answer without the vagueness that was already expressed in the thread here and by other Game Masters.

When a question like this comes up that’s in that grey area, the overall thought is to still error on the side of “don’t do it”. Debating the mechanics of what’s being done will not change that it’s a risk to do so. This means if it’s not a clear yes or no, it’s best to just not do it. The last update you received also states this while also reiterating on the policies already mentioned.

Which brings me to the last part which is this is more of a general discussion and feedback more than a technical one. Additionally little has been added with each reply and I’m afraid on my end I can only repeat the information you’ve already seen. While we encourage discussion and feedback, the technical support forums are for troubleshooting game problems, not discussion of account actions or how to interpret the EULA. I’m going to lock the thread. If you want to share constructive feedback about the policy, please do so in the appropriate place.