Can I Multibox Several Characters Without A Ban?

So I wanted to multibox 5 preists to level because i had a TON of fun doing it with affliction locks back before the TOS/EULA banned the use of software / hardware to do it.

(I was never toxic about it, i always backed off of my farming spots if other players needed qeusts for a while, or i’d just invite them, easy peasy)

So my question is if it would still be bannable if i multiboxxed using all 5 clients on my one computer, but because windows lets you use scroll wheel in non focused windows I could use the up / down to control the others casting shadow word pain / mind blast…I would still be manually controlling all 5 accounts and not using any software / hardware to split the input commands to the clients. I would still manually have to mouse over each window and push the command thru. Would that still be bannable? Figured i’d ask here before I did something stupid and got in trouble.

I would still manually have to do one button per client to do the action. It wouldnt be split at all, it would just reduce time i’d have to take using alt tab or clicking. i’d still have to manually mouse over each window and scroll down / up. it wouldnt be like me pressing 3 on my main screen and then it does 3 on the others. (i would be limited to only mouse wheel up/down for this though.)

Manually tabbing between clients shouldn’t be an issue. Controlling clients that aren’t active would be another matter.

The best I can really give you is the Support Article and posts we have on the subject, Nairea.

Please note, however, that use of all software or hardware mechanisms used to mirror commands to multiple World of Warcraft accounts at the same time, or to automate or streamline multiboxing in any way may result in account penalties.


So use of mouse-wheel on a client on the side would be a no go? ah well. Guess i’ll have to self boost a preist using my alt account mage T_T its just so boring. Thank you for the answer!

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At least u asked first then find out the hardway.


I am fairly certain Ñairea is talking about a feature of Windows 10 that does not require additional software. Settings >> Devices >> Mouse – toggle Scroll inactive windows.

It is a built in part of the OS, not application software. Personally, I have never found it clear if that at all makes a difference to you guys.

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true, but some Razor keyboards and mice allow for multiply action via their macro system that is built into their products, and I know Blizzard will tag you if you use those in a certain way. Just because something is built in doesn’t mean it’s allowed.

The policy update doesn’t differentiate between third-party software, first-party software, etc. It simply says:

We will now additionally prohibit the use of all software and hardware mechanisms to mirror commands to multiple World of Warcraft accounts at the same time, or to automate or streamline multi-boxing in any way.

That would include certain software features of gaming hardware, and it would also include otherwise innocuous features of your operating system.


It’s part of their additional software, not “technically” built-in. You can use the hardware without installing that software.

Unless the Devs specifically comment on it I would treat it the same as the mouse/keyboard software. If you can’t do it natively in WoW, don’t do it. I’m not sure that just because it’s now built in to Windows would clear it.

WoW specifically calls for Windows or Mac OS’s as a requirement without specifying that certain functions of those OS’s cannot be used without breaking the ToU,

Hardware peripheral capabilities are not requirements for operating the game beyond simple mouse capabilities available through the OS’s.

IMHO, Blizzard cannot (or at least should not) restrict the use of OS features unless those particular features are specifically called out as exceptions to the minimum game requirements.

They can arbitrarily exclude any soft/hardware capabilities that fall outside of the minimum game requirements but capabilities within the minimum requirements umbrella need to be publicly identified by Blizzard before they can be used as a reason to action an account.


I kind of agree with you, but blizzard’s official statement doesn’t offer any clarity to whether default OS functionality or default mouse functionality is ok to use or not. By stating that you can’t do anything to streamline without offering what “unstreamlined” is, they are basically stating that you must use the least efficient possible method to multibox. So I think doing anything at all other than alt+tabbing or manually clicking between windows has some amount of risk.

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I use hover to activate a window (windows 10 feature) and send videos to the email while multiboxing in this way to report bots. I cast, I manually go to the next window, cast then manually go to the next window via my mouse pointer. I have to have this functionality on for school/drawing. It’s the mirroring of commands or sending two commands, one to one window and one to another window, that would constitute “streamlines multiboxing in anyway” along with what people were saying with razer stuff. That functionality would violate the new rules since two commands are now being sent out to two windows instead of just 1 command on one active window. That’s why Vrakthris said what she did. Their system would see it as commands coming in without an active window, which is what boxing software and other forms of software did.

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how does it feel listening to a streamer to get rid of us multiboxers and then he up and leaves ur game and brings millions with him… if u never got rid of boxers u would still have a crap ton of pple subbed to u… idc about the story of the game i just multibox it because i love it and have been doing so since wrath…and who knows if u revert back ill def come back to wow and box and so many others will aswell…

To be clear, prohibiting Input Broadcasting Software as well as other announced updates to our policies had to do with addressing exploitation and botting. It had never been specifically about multi-boxing, which is still permitted under current policies.

It certainly didn’t have anything to do with a streamer or influencer.