Wow Open Box software and Multiboxing


I multi box 5 characters. I do so with out the aid of any software. I came across some software called Wow Open Box which helps with window management, it organizes your windows and lets you use a key to switch between them.

The software claims to comply with the new rules and DOES NOT do any broadcasting or sending input to game clients, it only manages where windows are displayed and which window is in focus.

I initially reached out to GM’s who said to post here for developer visibility. The software is completely open source, after review you can tell it isn’t doing any broadcasting, it doesn’t hook or intercept the WOW process in any way.

Is it ok to use this program?
If i started using it and Bliz decides it is no longer allowed would there be some kind of warning so I could stop prior to account actions?

It costs a fair bit to run that many accounts, importantly I am only trying to improve the gameplay/usability when running multiple clients and would appreciate a Blizz response.

I cant post the links to the github/youtube/website due to forum post rules but they can be found easily via google or I can provide them directly via any means. Links are all available in my most recent support ticket.
(I’ll even snail mail hand written links if it gets me a reply from the devs)


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Do not take what a site say as fact as they can write anything there and doesn’t mean they’re within the rules. If they was, there would be no real need to state such.

No devs post in the CS forum as the blues here are CS workers. They don’t work with the devs.

You warning was when they said that multi-boxing softwares going to be an actionable thing.


I’m sorry, Disoriented, but there isn’t any way that we can give approval for using any particular program. Based on what you say it doesn’t sound like it does anything against policy, but we didn’t create the program nor have any insight into everything it may or may not do. Sorry.


Thank you for the quick response, perhaps I am on the wrong forum then, which would be more appropriate to get a response from developers?

Regarding the warning, is it possible to get clarification on the blizz post? It states that broadcasting software is actionable, not multiboxing software in general. These are obviously very different things.

I am talking about window management software, not key mapping.

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There isn’t a contact point for development on the forums. They collect feedback from the forums but they are rarely able to engage and answer specific questions. I don’t believe they would be in a position to provide the answer you are looking for.

You can reach out to @WarcraftDevs on twitter, but I want to set expectations.


Blizzard never officially sanctions 3rd party software. The software could be changed at anytime to perform malicious deeds and people would point back to some 10 year old post where Blizzard said it was ok to use.

If they have no control over it, they won’t bless it.


Right, thanks again for the quick response :slight_smile:

You want to set expectations?

Yes. Where are you confused, Merdrah?

Thought it was a typo on first pass.
Second pass took it as is and missed the context.

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Definitely don’t use Joe Multiboxer, figured it was safe since it doesn’t use Input Broadcasting. Started using it after the new Multiboxing ToS change, got a 6 month suspension after using it for 2 weeks.

This explains why:

This being said I would love blizzard’s eye on

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As has been said in this thread, by a Blizzard employee:


Would be nice if blizzard made up some rules for us multiboxers.


Rule #1! Don’t use input broadcasting software.

End list.

Otherwise, play with as many windows as you want, just don’t do anything that violates the EULA with any of them. :thinking:


Also check the link to their policy statement.


I know the input thing. I was curious about round robin. Ppl are getting banned from using programs without broadcasting software.


Then that would be an indicator that the software shouldn’t be used.


But the rules only state “don’t use input broadcasting software” so what do you mean?

This forum isn’t really the place to fight about what a rule mean and trying to get around it.

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