Is using multiseat software with seperate input allowed?

I asked a few customer support employees, they don’t know and advised to ask on forum.

I know official rules about multiboxing to prevent bots who use the same inputs on a few different instances. However what I’m doing is 2 gamers at the same time at the same machine with seperate keyboards and inputs. It’s equivalent of virtual machine or ALT+TAB on different instances of wow. Is that allowed?

Update about topic.
Most likely it is allowed. However, they are not sure. They don’t know how to confirm that with technical team, that makes anticheat software.

If it takes software, the safe answer is no, dont do it


On chat they also had “suggestion” like that and then recommended asking forum. If I wanted suggestion I would ask a friend. I want official response. Is there really noone qualified here to answer that? Then contact those that made anti - cheat software, ask them and give answer. I will not risk banning account for that. Rules are rules, that’s why they should be not blurry, but obvious.

You can have two copies of WoW open, no problem. As Blizzard has already stated, any software OR hardware that broadcasts inputs to multiple clients is forbidden. So as long as you’re manually alt-tabbing between them to input commands to the unique game clients, you’re fine. The second any automation is detected, like using some kind of macro script to rapidly alt tab between them and repeat the command, you’re going to likely get flagged and permabanned.

Yes, I know that official rule, but it’s vague.
In my case it’s two instances at the same time, one controlled with keyboard, the other with gamepad. I and my friend do it at the same time. That’s the difference between ALT+TAB but also a difference between doing multiboxing with same inputs (which is banned), because in this case input is seperate. It’s a case noone asked about, that’s why the rule should be specified. I can give software name, but I doubt it will help, as it’s not about specific software but about mechanic. There are few softwares that allow you to use same machine as two users if you have enough devices there.

Blizzard support employees rarely give direct responses on what will or won’t get your account actioned, especially if it’s a gray area. That info could be used later in a ticket to say: “An employee said it was ok!”

You reported asking several employees, and are also posting here because nothing could be clarified. If the situation is that gray, then it’s probably a hint to not use this setup.

I believe their rules are done collaboratively with their legal team, so this is probably vague for a reason. Many other guidelines are also a bit open-ended, and they are always evolving because players find ways to skirt around them.

However, I’m curious, so I’m going to see if there’s any other info available on the topic.

You’re not likely to get one if the GMs or Blues you’ve spoken with haven’t provided it to you. That’s not what you’re going to get on any of these CS forums.

The best rule of thumb is if it’s so convoluted like you’re describing, don’t do it. Multiboxing is not against the rules but neither is it supported. The game was not created with all of these crazy hoops to be jumped through to achieve whatever it is you’re going for by not just having two players play on their own separate systems.

That’s not really the issue. They keep their rules fluid to adapt to the botters and the cheaters. The evolution of it all is forever changing, and they shouldn’t have to push out constant updates to list every explicit trick in the book to keep them covered or ruled against.

Blizzard has given no additional guidance on what may or may not be ok to do outside of the May 2021 policy update that was linked in this thread. It is the entire statement they are willing to provide.

To me, doing what you are describing is risking a ban.

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Well I mean a computer can have two mice and keyboards hooked up to the same PC and use them both. The issue with WoW is that only ONE client can be the active/primary one at a time, without doing weird stuff, which would fall into the real of exploiting and would result in a ban. If I open two clients and put them into windowed mode, side by side, I can only input commands into whichever one is clicked into and in focus. The other one ignores my inputs. So this would mean you’d have to have some kind of bot program spamming alt-tab dozens of times per second to relay commands to the clients in the time it takes you to press a key before it’s released AKA: You’re banned.

The best stance to take with any topic like this is if you have to ask, it’s probably against the ToS.

It’s default system setup.
But you can use software for that. You login one user on windows, log in another user. You have two mice with separate inputs. You need different gamers to control that, that’s why it is not automated and it’s not bot. Logically there’s nothing suspicious about that. But system might recognize it wrong that’s why I need to know about that.

Or two accounts can play on their own individual system without all of this excess mess. Again, if you have to ask what you’re doing is wrong and you know you’re toeing that line, just don’t do it. Save yourself the headache of being sanctioned.

Same applies to windows. Yeah, you can log into multiple accounts on a PC and switch between them, but only one user will be active/in focus to receive inputs. It’s not default system setup at all. What you’re talking about is running a VMware within your regular login, which is grey area to Blizzard because you can repeat inputs to it if you want to and the VMware’d WoW client can’t see outside of the sandbox to realize there’s repeating going on. Get caught and you’ll get banned.

I wouldn’t risk it and there’s a very strong chance that Blizzard isn’t going to reply to this thread since there’s a ton of multiboxers out there trying to snake their way through the ToS with word salad loopholes.

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I said default system setup is when two mice give same input. With software you can have separate input and focus. Separate input automatically removes option for botting, that’s why it should be allowed, but system may be configured wrong to recognize that. If you think that it has risk of botting give me example of botting situation using setup like that.

The rule isn’t that you can’t do things that might be used for botting.

The rule is that you can’t use any software or hardware means to streamline multiboxing in any way.


That right there, what you said, is the no-no. It’s doing things internally within windows, similar to what I was talking about, and is deemed broadcasting software.


My hunch is this an us an argument the op is looking to start based on his ban.

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They reason they gave me multiple times was different (economic exploitation) so it’s not that.
Also I made two other trial accounts and played with friend just to check if they gonna ban for using the software. They didn’t ban any of those.

Using multibox software, for things like herb/mob farming, in order to make gold or sell the stuff on the AH, is classified under economic exploitation.

Sounds like you got caught and banned, system works. If you make another account, don’t do it again. Have a good day


Accounts that I tested with software to know if it’s forbidden didn’t get banned.

With the character that used multiseat software with separate inputs (on banned account), I get only through tutorial, because my friend took a lot of time learning things. Not much to grind there to get millions right?

they reserve the right to ban your account for any reason they deem fit.

That doesn’t say they should do that or treat customers like that. Maybe it fits you, so you’re fine with that.

Well you started another thread about getting banned for economic exploitation and then you started this thread basically asking about multiboxing. It’s reaaaaaaaaaly not hard to put two and two together…

Then act like one and don’t cheat/exploit video games that specifically state you’re not allowed to, or punishment will occur. Oh and if you were an adult, you’d know that the ToS is legally binding and that they reserve the right to ban your account for any reason they deem fit. They could play roll the dice with your account to decide, if they wished. You hit YES to that and therefore, it goes.

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