👀 Introverts helping introverts

:no_entry_sign: no forced voice chat but
:musical_note: we do listen to tunes when together sometimes
:green_book: independent playing
:bone: old and old school
:dancer: casual
:wave: service focused
:astonished: growing group of mythic players LFM! :key:
:trophy: Achievement/ mog runs/ crafting and dungeon help
:drop_of_blood: forming a REAL life family of friends

:beer: and… shenanigans… as shenanganny as introverts can get. :taco:
:sparkling_heart: We do open up with trust into beautiful creatures…
:kissing_cat: waivers for pouncing required upon sign up
:shorts: players will be asked to run pantless… at least once… :dash:

The truth is out there, and so are we. It’s just a step to the left.


alliance - greymane-tanaris

guildsofwow dot com forwardslash the-dingus-brigade


This sounds like such a fun time. Is this a lower population server?

Last time I checked greymane wasn’t the lowest, it is definitely under dalaran. It’s also not as dead as Az’jul nerub or andorhal or any of those servers.

I’ve actually been meaning to get in touch with these guys but work has had me tied down and tired.

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I tried to look, but was not successful. Greymane is a 2004/2005 server, and we’ve merged with Tanaris. I think I heard rumblings of another “server” adjustment when around Shadowlands, but no details on if it will hit Greymane Tanaris or not.

Also, I have no real idea on how sharding works. I took a 5 year break and when I came back that was implemented, and it was. disorientating to see and group with non-greymaners. For guilding, though. Greymane/Tanaris is where the body will have to reside.

take your time and find what fits for you. It’s your time- and the older we get, the faster it goes, and more precious it becomes. We’re not going anywhere- but we are a small group.

thank you both for your interest <3

With some help from Sugar Ray…


:see_no_evil: All around Azeroth, there is so much to see
:crazy_face: Who knows how long we’ve played you.
:deciduous_tree: Everywhere we go, we find a perfect shade tree
:metal: Forty eight years old, our average member, we’ve been told.

:partying_face: We just want to play.
:beetle: Collect pets and mounts and transmog.
:boar: Run the stockades and kill that hog.

:balloon: We just want to play.
:hocho: Run some dungeons; kill some horde
:small_airplane: Fly around when we get bored.

:laughing: Fight a little stranger; Heal us if you can.
:boom: Solo if you like it, or be the point man
:star2: There’s no time to twink; just embrace the kitchen sink.
:gear: We know that we’re all par, wanna raid there’s LFR.

:ferris_wheel: We just wanna play
:muscle: Not feel the pressure to perform
:alien: or always be asked to transform.

:call_me_hand: We just wanna play
:heartpulse: with people we can trust.
:bomb: If there’s conflict, we’ll discuss.

:japanese_goblin: We just want to play,
:rainbow: take it easy day by day.
:tornado: not get caught up in the fray

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Back for Shadowlands, all rested and carefree.
:taco: eat tacos with beer, it’s soul food.
:key: Everyone we knew is now running a key.
:scream: Can’t mount in the maw, pissed off the jailer and we’re screwed.

:kick_scooter: I just wanna play
:fishing_pole_and_fish: Take my fishing pole and fish
:boxing_glove: Grab some mobs and make’m squish.

:small_airplane: And now we we can FLY
:sun_with_face: Reach renown 44 and do chapters One Two Three and Four
:kite: Back to the zones, and find a mount on which we soar.

:jigsaw: We may be a lil’ light
:cyclone: to take on many fights

:stars: Someday we just might.
:sparkling_heart: Someday we just might.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We’ll never recruit for numbers or for slots #souls.not.slots.
guildsofwow dot com / the-dingus-brigade
alliance - greymane-tanaris

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
You can search for:

  • if you like pina coladas and have half a brain
  • all things wow can we trust you for shenanigans
  • the dingus brigade looking for lost souls
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Sent a invite to Kirrin#1940 to see where it can lead us. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Accepted! Hope to catch up with you on greymane; happy to have you visit to see if we are a good fit!

yes… come to the dark… and quiet-ish side- for we, too, have cookies, and beer. :beer: :taco: :cookie:

Bump for empaths, introverts, and animal lovers.
With some help form Shania Twain…

That Don’t Impress US Much

I’ve known a few guys who thought they were pretty smart-
but you’ve got being right - down to an art.
You think you’re a genius, you’re a - know it all.
You’re a regular original, that makes our skin crawl.

Oh-oo-oh, you think you’re special,
Oh-oo-oh, you think you’re something else.

OK, so you’re ahead of the curve?
That don’t impress us much.

So you’ve got the time, but we don’t need the clutch.
Now don’t get me wrong, you just might be alright-
But that’s not who we want, when we group up and fight.

That don’t impress us much.

I never knew a guy that had such a big chip on his shoulder-
that it made him feel better to shout out and scold her.
As if he was Gods gift - and would be the solution
to all the guild needs and strategic executions.

Oh-oo-oh, you think you’re special,
Oh-oo-oh, you think you’re something else.

OK, so you’re still here?

And want to know more about us?
So, you like to play, but avoid all the drama.
And you might need help, but not sure what to do.
We may not have a clue, but our love for you grew.

Can we get in touch?

Most of us are introverted, and don’t like many humans.
We much prefer the friendship of our furry companions.
We solo a lot, but have some who hit hard-
Veterans of the game, but in the past have been scarred.

Oh-oo-oh, sometimes we’re quiet-
Oh-oo-oh… Sometimes we’re “SOMETHING ELSE.”

Yeah, we’ve got a discord!

You don’t need to voice up, for most of our action.
We even have a guild on the opposite faction.
Now don’t get me wrong- yeah, we are “just alright.”
We TRY to be nice, but some of us BITE.

And, our tanks may run neked…
And we’re kinda old, with not much to forbid.
We do all the things, but not all at the same time…
We group when it’s possible-and not much rank to climb.

Our Hearts- DO Impress ME much….

Now don’t get me wrong, you just might be alright-
But we want a person, who will keep us right-tight.

~ :revolving_hearts: ~ ~ :revolving_hearts: ~ ~ :revolving_hearts: ~ ~ :revolving_hearts: ~ ~ :revolving_hearts: ~ ~ :revolving_hearts: ~ ~ :revolving_hearts: ~ ~ :revolving_hearts: ~ ~ :revolving_hearts: ~ ~ :revolving_hearts: ~

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That actually sounds really nice

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Help from the Association


Who’s recruiting for the Dingus Brigade
Casual, old, and all types of classes-
A family to trust and alts to develop
Where everyone slams the Stockade.

Who’s needing tanks for all of their healers
Warmode, Mythics, and Raiding some day
Tanks with no pants or wearing tight leather
Everyone knows we’re squealers.

And Dingus have lots of chores
We don’t go outdoors
and are such great Mentors
Rum will be poured.
(Rum will be poured!)
And we’re carnivores.
(And we’re carnivores!)

Think that you’re Dingus Enough?
Yes, we are liking it rough!
But most are not that tough.
Not that tough…
(Not that tough)
Join the Brigade
(The Dingus Brigade)

Who’s posting in the blizzard recruitment
Looking for tanks that can hold their own beer
Who’s asking ya’ll for old, casual players
Everyone knows I’m 'lusty.

:beers: The Dingus Brigade :beers:

Hey! Are you all still looking for more people? Your guild sounds like it might be a good fit for me.

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:fist_right: Bumping recruitment for a casual guild for those with no expectations, other than older people with real lives, playing a common game who are willing to help when they can and enjoy each others’ company. Slow grow, so always willing to take on someone who thinks they’ll be a good fit! I was recently alerted that we actually do have expectations…

expectations… that if you have animals… you will share pictures or video of said animals for us to oggle.

There are dingus all over - classic bound, the others are maintaining individual goals, achievements, leveling, and playing ‘catch up’ from returning from break --One day… Our day will come, when we are not a feeder guild. :cyclone:

Good news then, I have cats! I’ll look for someone in game to grab an invite.


I’ll bump Illustria’s post to let ya’ll know we’d love to have you check us out. Greymane/Tanaris Alliance guild (we do have a sister Horde guild, though not very active). We are super casual although we do some cat herding from time to time to run Dungeons, M+, and are slowing building friendly guild/communities for those interested in Raiding.

We make no demands, are active in Discord, and promote fun & social over demanding requirements for Raiding.

We love to collect mounts, pets, and achieves! Come check us out. Kiriin#1940

It’s a Thursday bump with a story I’ve wanted to share… Because #independent #introverts#social.skills.failed.together

Titled: Such Can Be Dingus Life?

—Sunday was the last day of Love-Token-Rocket-Farming. In true Lusty form, login, check a few things, and hop in the event queue. Two minutes later, we’re done. We get ready to leave group, and I see @Hark !

"HEY! Hark! You’re in my group! " and giggle.

A minute later in guild chat, @Giwwy chimes in guild chat, “You were in my group!”

I look around, wonder who she was talking to… Hark and I were in the same group, and I scream! “and Giwwy makes three! THREE dingus in a pug!.”"

She says, “but you guys queued together, right?”

We are in the same house… same room… same couch after all…

Hark replies, “Not this time!”

I mumble something about that it can’t be good guild social skills or something…

Giwwy confirms. “It does say something, though!”

message Kirrin#1940 for questions or to chat (Tues-Thurs-Sundays!)
most online members for ginvite guildsofwow dot com slash the-dingus-brigade

Bumping today, because… well… tomorrow… server will be down :slight_smile:
Welcome back, everyone!

Bump for a long intensive weekend—
3 chapters of new content!
last run at fire festival fires!
Darkmoon Faire!
and a possible new set of monocles for an alt for THE HIVEMIND! :octopus:
… because, tentacles, yo <3
also… sunday starts… 1 more week until… shark week <3

Bump for good people!

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I don’t have an alt problem. You have an alt problem!