Have at least one underwater zone in Classic


Oh come on now. You were implying it. Just look at that cheeky face of yours.


Yeah, let’s have an underwater zone that only shaman, warlocks and undead can remotely survive in. You do remember how quickly people drowned in vanilla, right?

(Morehwine) #23

Roll troll, do the quests around Sen’jin village. Boom, you got your underwater zone.


Why I gotta roll troll for that. I can go to Sen’jin Village as orc master race.

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Because trolls are beautiful. But you do you.


You can just head to The Shimmering Flats in Thousand Needles and imagine it, no? Or you can fly over there in the current game if that helps too. :wink:


I guess these people never fought “Maws”… … but okay.


Whoa. A blue responded to my troll post. I can scratch that off my bucket list now. Yeah, let’s not do an underwater zone. I hated Vashj’ir so much. Zone gave me a stroke.



Get it. . stroke… .stroke… . stroke… keep swimming!!!



Oh come on, don’t delete your posts. I didn’t even get to read the response. Booo.


it’s more about the plethora of mecanics that don’t really work underwater.

ground targetted ability like blizz / DnD, charge and shadowstep putting you on the sea floor instead of at-level and so on.


No, I’m really not. I’m saying we already have a big body of water in a zone you can swim around in to your heart’s content.



Whatchu talkin’ 'bout, Willis?


Lol. I have no idea.
I thought this was a terrible troll attempt to begin with, but it’s got a blue tag on it now, so I guess…victory?

It’s okay for Bornakk to nuke this thread from orbit if he wants. Was just having some fun waiting for stress test to go live.


This is Classic. I fixed that for you.


Nah, fam. I can bypass that rastafarian hovel and head straight to Razor Hill.


I’ll catch up to you at L12, while you’re trying to kill Fizzle at L9 then :stuck_out_tongue:


Catch me if you can, I’ll be playing around in Brill by then. I’m a go back and forth kind of orc. Razor Hill, Brill, Bloodhoof Village…anything but Sen’jin really.


Menthil Harbor is almost under water…


You get out of here with that filthy talk. It is NOT.