[H][Zul'jin]<The Thundering Legion>(Tues) 8/8H 1 day Raid LFM

Welcome to The Thundering Legion Recruitment Post!

The Thundering Legion is a one night a week Normal/Heroic guild looking for more!

We raid Tuesday nights at 7PM PST/10PM EST and raid for ~3 hours. We offer a relaxed adult environment. Guild Repairs, Mythic Plus groups and more.

A little about us. TTL has been around since mid-Burning Crusade. Actively raiding since the start of Wrath of the Lich King. We are a group of like-minded adults who enjoy many aspects of the game. Casual, but serious about raiding and having fun. No raiding experience required. We are willing to help you learn.

Currently 8/8 Heroic in Uldir

For Legion our record stands:

7/7H - The Emerald Nightmare
3/3H - Trial of Valor
10/10H - The Nighthold
9/9H - Tomb of Sargeras
11/11H - Antorus, the Burning Throne

-As far as DPS anything is welcome, Would prefer you to have a Tank off-spec(if applicable, but not required) We are full on Healers

Respond here, add me (LuiGG#1992) or message me in-game.

Bump for fun and profit. Come raid with us and have fun!

still recruiting Tank, DPS, or healers.

Bump, looking to find some cool people to raid with!

Any class and specs, we can use it all. ONLY 1 day a week, enjoy Raiding but have a busy life, still come in join the fun of raiding but do not have to change your schedule around much.

We also enjoy running PVP and mythic+'s daily

Come raid with us! We are looking for some good people to go raid a pyramid with!

Looking for some chill people to run m+'s with (:

Still looking to fill a few spots, Come join The Thundering Legion!!

message me for more info. One day a week raid and we run M+ all the time

Give us a shot, we don’t bite! This guild is full of laid-back, friendly people that are a blast to play with.

We have Cookies!!! Come fight the Alliance on a well feld stomach of COOKIES!!

Message for more info (and types of cookies)

Still looking for DPS for BoD. We’re willing to help anyone eager to learn. Come have some fun with us!

We’ve finished up Normal BoD and are got down the first boss of heroic. We’re looking to progress into heroic. If you’re interested in a chill, mature raiding experience, give us a shot!

Update: We’re currently 4/9 H. We still have room for dps, and we especially need a warlock. Feel free to also add Verth#11116 if interested!