<H> Stormfall AOTC 9/9H, 1/9M & M+ Tues-Wed 8pm-11pm EST LF DPS

Stormfall is a Heroic raid group and M+ oriented guild that was formed late in Legion with a focus on earning AOTC every tier. We’re looking to bolster our roster for farming Battle of Dazar’alor. This is an easy going environment with an active member base of like-minded people. The core of our leadership has been raiding since Vanilla and some of us have been together since Wrath. We have a super active Discord.

Looking for a guild that is focused on clearing heroic tiers quickly, earning AotC, and maybe dabbling in Mythic raids? We’re looking for you too.

Love Mythic+ Dungeons? So do we.

We raid Tues and Weds @ 8PM - 11PM EST.

We zone in with consumables and have at least watched a video or two about the bosses. Our gear is gemmed and enchanted and if a piece with haste is better than a piece with mastery, we wear the right one. There’s dead bosses, but there’s also humor and banter - especially during farm. We use Discord, DBM, and Exorsus Raid Tools.

Strong Raid Recruitment
Ranged DPS - None
Melee DPS - Any (specifically rogue, DH)
Heals - None

We currently have a solid core of ~20 raiders and most of our players have a few different classes to vary comps for alt splits.

Mythic +
We run Mythic + keys. A lot.

We run M+ keys weekly in the 10-15 range. Don’t know where to stand? That’s okay, we’ll show you. Come with a willingness to learn and know that if we don’t clear a timer it’s okay… we get another key. There’s no reason to tilt.

We realize there are a lot of guilds out there, but we’re awesome. We’d love to talk to you about being a part of our team. You can reach us here, whisper any member to ask “hey what’s up?”, or on bnet or discord:
Baxx#1144 (bnet), Baxx#5510 (discord)
Jaystir#1960 (bnet), Jaystir#1204 (discord)
Aidy#11206 (bnet), Aidy#7495 (discord)

Still need DPS, come get your easy AotC!

Still need some more DPS!

Still looking for more!

Updated needs contact us!

Looking for some heals and dps still!

Looking for melee

Still looking for DPS hit us up!