:Fire: [H-RP] Firebrand Enterprises: Still Hiring!

Out with last year’s thread and in with the new!

Firebrand Enterprises is a Horde based guild with a strong corporate/mercantile theme. For over two years now, we’ve been growing steadily; with a focus on guild, public, and server wide roleplaying that includes characters of all races/classes, and we’re not planning on slowing down any time soon!

You might have already seen us around town or know us from some of our ads!

But for the sake of those not in the know, I’ve produced this handy paid advertisement introductory guide!

:question: “Okay, so what is Firebrand Enterprises?”

Click here for the answer! #5 will blow your mind!

:question: “How active is FE these days?”

Busier than a poorly geared healer in LFR!

:question: "What kinds of people does FE look for?

All kinds! Non-goblins can be pretty useful, it seems!

:question: “How’s FE managed to… manage all this?”

Through goal oriented processes, vertical and horizontal integration, managerial accountability, and synergistic solutions!

:question: “Sweet! How can I get in on this?”

That's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Thanks for taking us into consideration! Even if you’ve decided Firebrand Enterprises isn’t the right thing for you, don’t forget about all your other wonderful options!

Just make sure to tell them Tamani sent you!


Firebrand Enterprises is still a guild.


A couple of links that matter:

Why do we have an application?

What can I expect out of the app, and afterwards?

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Legit the most active, and probably the best guild I’ve ever been in!


They are chill Blokes and Sheilas. Lot of Gallahs out there. You’re meant to come to this port of call.


Submitted an application, hope to hear back from you!


Absolutely have :slight_smile: I check email for pending applications twice a day!


I’ve only been around Firebrand for about a month and a half, but lemme tell you, this guild is pretty awesome!
I’ve been gaming in multi-players and MMOs for a very long time, and this is by far the most active guild I’ve ever seen. I’ve made a lot of friends, the community of FE is very helpful, as well, which has helped me a lot as a new WoW player!


Yeah, the people here are pretty cool and chill, pretty supportive of most things too, really makes a little gob like me feel welcome. And I am totally not saying this at knife point, what even gave you that idea? Ha ha aha ha.


Okay, real talk, this is probably the best guild I’ve ever been in, not a joke.

For one thing, drama isn’t as much a problem here as it’s been in other guilds. It helps that the leader and the officers crack down on troublemakers hard and early. These are professionals who know what they’re doing.

Second, the characters are just fun. Since joining Firebrand Enterprises, Spritzie has developed a platonic romance with a laughing skull orc, become godmother to a child whose mother is basically a goblin Kim Kardashian, and has kinda-sorta started crushing on a blood elf that she doesn’t know is actually a black dragon in disguise, even though he kinda does a crappy job of hiding it.


Best guild i’ve ever been, very friendly and chill.

Met a lot of people inside and had a lot of fun, so far the most nice ambience from a guild, 100% recommendable

They even give you a stabbin knife on the starter kit :dagger:


Seriously, this guild is the only reason I decided to become more active in WoW and develop my characters.

Grehda went from literally nothing to an ace engineer with her own business and remarkable friends. Firebrand Enterprises has so many characters to interact with and get to know. I highly recommend it if you want story-driven rp or want to meet people into story-driven rp!


Firebrand Enterprises is hands down the best guild I’ve ever been in. They are welcoming(with stabs but it’s okay, I promise!) and very helpful. Everyone is a lot of fun to rp with, and we have lots of different stories and events. 10/10 recommend. Come join the fun!


I just checked my journal and it looks like I joined this crazy bunch back on April 10th of this year.

Its been a wild couple of months. I made it through the intern program with nary a problem but somehow managed to hurt everyone with a sapper charge on my first big outing with the team. We still managed to complete the mission and burn the evidence in the end.

Working with the security branch has been great and rewarding so far. Protecting this… killing that…! It’s been hard work sometimes but I wouldn’t have it any other way, the people surrounding me are just awesome.

The older employees and managers really go out of their way to try and include everyone and to get you to participate in events. I had no idea what I was missing out on by not going to work for Firebrand Enterprises.

What kind of crazy fun are you missing out on?
(Yeah, that’s right I’m talking to you!)


Wait, you caused that explosion?!?


Just for clarification purposes. I am the Kim Kardashian goblin. Js. And woo yeah new thread. Cant wait to vogue through this and tell people to join. Because they should. I mean what are you doing with yourself now? Get good. Join up.


what can I say? I just joined and I feel very welcome here. I’m not just another player to the guild. These people care about who joins and will do anything to help you fit in.


I asked them if they would let me stable my Dinosaurs here. They said yes. That makes this guild an instant ten out of ten in my book.

But seriously these people are amazing and I can confirm you get a free stabbing kit for joining. What other guild does that?


I came to Firebrand Enterprises when I had difficulty finding people who were willing to entertain my genius inventions.

After being written up and placed on numerous blacklists by the Tinker’s Union, I found a wonderful home here among others who don’t ask weird questions when your experiments leave massive half a mile diameter holes in places just because your calculations might have been slightly off. SOMETIMES I MAKE WRITING ERRORS OKAY?

So! If you want a place where you won’t be judged or hindered for your scientific pursuits or experiments, you came to the right place!

And once you join, I’ll happily introduce you to my stab-o-matic, free of charge! You can’t get a better deal than that! So come on, what do you have to lose? A limb? Hah! I’ll make you one even better! It’ll fire rockets and rainbows and whatever else your heart desires!

(But seriously, there’s really awesome people here!)


Just joined not an hour or so ago. I am overwhelmed by how welcoming Firebrand Enterprise are towards new members. Looking forward to interacting icly and oocly with all within Firebrand!