[H-RP] <Convocation of Darkness> Cult of Forgotten Shadows RP

“The shadows will rise again.”
—Natalie Seline

…Three years have now passed since the reclamation of Lordaeron and the reformation of the Desolate Council. There can be little dispute that our people, the Forsaken, have risen admirably from the dust once more in defiant proof of our unflagging tenacity and resolve. And yet there is an argument to be made in equal measure that the tumult of these latter days has eroded this people’s spirit in ways that have yet to be addressed.

In the wake of such tumult, I write to you now to declare a message I have divined from the shadows themselves: a prophecy of a new dawn; power which awaits those on whom the favor of the Shadow rests. The Forsaken clergy must cast off the shawl of ennui which has enshrouded us. The injurious mendacity of the Church of the Holy Light is a rot which ever creeps upon the hearts and minds of its supplicants as surely as it would advance upon Forsaken territory.

It will not be so. The Cult of Forgotten Shadows will rally once more. A new order will rise. To this end, I proclaim the advent of the Convocation of Darkness. We will gather to ourselves the most fervent devotees of Selinic doctrine, and work from within to muster the spirits of our people.

We will cast down the icons of the Church of the Holy Light from their high places and, with our blades and words of shadow, sunder their golden crowns of untruth…

—Dark Cleric Maerlyn Eldham, “In Defense of Forsaken Episcopacy in the Era of the Reformed Desolate Council”

Hello, Wyrmrest Accord!

Convocation of Darkness is a brand new Forsaken RP guild that is opening its doors for recruitment in Dragonflight!

Our RP centers around the Cult of Forgotten Shadows and the pursuit of dark enlightenment and ascension via the diligent study and eventual mastery of the three virtues: Respect, Tenacity, and Power. If you are interested in Forsaken religion and roleplay, then we might just be the guild for you!

:spiral_notepad: OOC Information

Inspired by the more traditional “old school” vibe of the Forsaken as a darker race, the primary goal of our guild is to foster a community driven by a passion for all things undead and consisting of mature, quality roleplayers. We strive to uphold a high standard in our stories and our interactions with others and want to ensure that we put our very best foot forward as representatives of Forsaken RP! Our plans for storytelling include regular events in-game and Discord RP channels to help facilitate character development outside of the game as well.

Our leadership is comprised of former officers from both Royal Apothecary Society and Shadows of Lordaeron, and as longtime members of the Wyrmrest community, we are thrilled to be launching into Dragonflight in search of more shadowy brethren!

:scroll: IC Information

Founded by an unlikely alliance of Charlene Evilove, Maerlyn Eldham, and Sehoro Crestley, the three Forsaken form an unholy triumvirate within the Shadows as the leadership of the Convocation of Darkness, with the intention of spreading the teachings and virtues of the Light’s dark counterpart to all Forsaken they come across. As a radical sect of the Cult of Forgotten Shadows, their doctrine warns against blind adherence to the Light and the danger that the ever growing influence of the Church of the Holy Light poses to all undead and to those who devote themselves to the shadows.

The Convocation of Darkness will visit a dark reckoning upon whosoever opposes them, by the sword and the crosier, through the faith and the shadow.

:church: Hierarchy

As within the Cult of Forgotten Shadows, upon whose teachings the Convocation of Darkness was founded, the three virtues are regarded as sacrosanct: Respect, Tenacity, and Power. The hierarchy of the order is broken into three classifications based upon each of these virtues. Upon initiation, one is judged by the three and placed according to their inherent alignment to each virtue to be mentored by those above and around them. True mastery comes when one has understood and mastered each of the three virtues. Promotion comes with clear understanding and dedication.

:candle: The Virtue of Respect

Leader: Charlene Evilove, the Shade Abbess.

These members are taught to understand their own personal will, sociability and how to control others through the use of the shadow. The most dangerous mistake is often to underestimate those who appear to pose no threat, and to master the virtue of Respect, one must first recognize their place in the world—and how to manipulate it.

:crossed_swords: The Virtue of Tenacity

Leader: Sehoro Crestley, the Overseer.

These are those who already have the drive for combat. They will learn to use the shadow to bolster their fighting ability, strengthen their resistance, and defend our cause by any means necessary. To achieve mastery in the virtue of Tenacity, one must not simply fight against opposition: they must endure the onslaught.

:skull: The Virtue of Power

Leader: Maerlyn Eldham, the Archpriest.

This sect of the order is comprised of those who are already the most devout among the disciples of shadow, but as any true student of Selinic doctrine will understand, it is at the pinnacle of achievement that one is also the most vulnerable. To successfully master the virtue of Power, one must be willing to peer into the heart of darkness itself—and be prepared to vanquish opposition that is both without, and within.

:books: Requirements, Guidelines, & Guild Philosophy

To decide if our guild is for you, please consider the following:

  • We are an undead (Forsaken) only guild. This also includes death knights of any race and darkfallen elves, but we do NOT accept san’layn.
  • Primary characters in the guild must be at least level 20. Alts of any level are of course welcome, but your main character should meet the minimum level requirement!
  • As our roleplay will feature dark and mature themes, we do not accept players under the age of 21. Due to the nature of our content as a darker guild, we prefer to cultivate a crowd capable of roleplaying such themes with maturity.
  • Most importantly, be respectful. We are all here to have fun playing and RPing in WoW together, and we want our membership to make choices that promote this kind of environment. No racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. speech or content will be tolerated.

:incoming_envelope: Contact Us

If everything above sounds cool to you and you’re interested in joining our shadowy family, feel free to reach out to any of the following people:

Rank In-Game Name Discord
Shade Abbess :candle: Zombimbo sonorous.dark
Overseer :crossed_swords: Crestley sehoro
Archpriest :skull: Maerlyn soulcatcher

Additionally, we have a Google Form guild application! You can find it here: tinyurl.com/CoDApplication


We have spent a lot of time working on the guild, future plans and are very eager to share it with you all!



Just wanted to say I’ve known these corpses a long time and you won’t find a better deader crew than this, ICly or OOCly. Looks like you all put together something really interesting here.


sigh I wish there was undead elf models for Forsaken without having to play a DK. I’d race change my elf priest in a stopped-heartbeat.

Sounds like a cool guild.


Boy do I have some good new for you!

We are an undead (Forsaken) only guild. This also includes death knights of any race and darkfallen elves

This means that we accept Undead Elf characters that use the new Undead/Darkfallen/Dark Ranger customization as long as they are dead IC as well!


No, I saw that, I just don’t want to play DK just to have an undead elf. It’s an annoyance that has been around since vanilla. And Darkfallen while ok, are too vampire-y.


Aw yeah, this guild is being helmed by some TOP NOTCH people! Your friendly neighborhood witch doctor highly recommends surrendering to the absolute madness that it will undoubtedly descend into.

Check 'em out!


You are too kind, my friend! :smile:

And yes! To comment on the discussion above, we absolutely do allow undead elves who use the undead customization (not just death knights), so any elf warrior/hunter/priest/rogue/etc. is more than welcome as long as they lack a heartbeat. :black_heart:

Perhaps one day Blizzard will allow undead skin/eye options to be used for other races as well… :crossed_fingers:

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Mmm hmm hmmm

The forsaken are back in force… how delicious.

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What about Forsaken that hate being in any form of life at all and despise the fact that they were brought back to un-life. And plays up the ‘rotting corpse’ angle of being undead.


Hi Elana!

The more rot, the better! :wink:

In all seriousness, I think such a character would be incredibly interesting to play/involve in Cult of Forgotten Shadows RP. Being a race comprised of such diverse outlooks on (un)life, the path of each Forsaken is unique, and those who follow the tenets of the Forgotten Shadow are no different. Where one Forsaken might turn to the Cult to cultivate power and influence, another might do so in search of belonging—or perhaps because they feel that the Light has abandoned them, and maybe even that they deserve such abandonment if they truly hate what they’ve become in undeath.

At the end of the day, what leads a character to choose a path might not end up being the reason they continue to follow it. The only way to find out is to give it a try! :slight_smile:

(All that is to say, we would love to have you! :partying_face:)


I may play a spooky little Alliance ghost but I’m passionate about all of WoW’s undead lore! If the Cult of Forgotten Shadows ever wants to take a pilgrimage to Duskwood to visit the grave of their founder, hit me up! c:


What about if I’m not interested in any of the above aspects of seeking power and use a deadpan, super dry dark humor way of communicating much like Wednesday Addams.

EDIT: What I mean is that this character hasn’t found much of a reason to seek out much of anything includingpower or influence. She’s just kind of out here, grumpy, and not super enthused about anything.

Also I don’t usd Discord.

First of all, if you don’t use Discord, I highly recommend downloading it and checking it out! It is such a helpful tool to have for staying in touch with guilds and communities outside of the game.

As for your character, if Elana herself hasn’t yet found something to interest her or some “reason for being” in undeath, you could always check out one of the monthly Forgotten Shadow sermon events! I am starting these up again next month to give Forsaken (and even non-Forsaken shadow-aligned) characters a pseudo-social event in which to congregate around a common purpose. This could be a great place to get her some face time with other Forsaken personalities!

Here is the forum post with all the necessary details like time, date, and location: [H-RP: Event] Sermon of the Forgotten Shadow

Lastly, if you would like to RP with us to see how your character might react (sometimes we don’t know how RP will go until we’re actually in the moment), feel free to reach out in-game! :slight_smile: I’d be happy to set something up!


I remember…

“We are they who would not sleep. We are the souls called back through the great eternum which others have departed to, there to remain forevermore.”

“Within each black heart, a refusal to succumb to the eternal torpor of death has stirred, and now it bears mute witness to our deeds which mark us as worthy of the Shadow’s blessing.”

—Archpriest Maerlyn—


I saw one of your members tonight. I could only muster up enough courage to bow before I shambled off. Still interested just…scared.

Which is ironic given that I just RP right in Trade Chat with no problem.


Would you like me to whisper you first in game if I spot you online?

Some of the Convocation will be out in the streets of Orgrimmar doing some street preaching about the growing dangers of the Light this evening. Come say hello!

(7 PM server.)

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For those still hidden in the shadows and have mentioned an interest in joining… We have thrown together a little google form application to spare the awkward first message! We’ve had such great interaction so far so I can’t wait to see who fills this out!

Just add the .

tinyurl com/CoDApplication

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Just sent a request, looks like fun.