[H] <Brotocol> Cho'Gall (12/12H) - LF Ranged DPS for Mythic Prog

Hello Potential Raider!

Raid schedule:
Tuesday from 8PM EST to 11PM EST
Thursday from 8PM EST to 11PM EST

What we need:
Looking for various exceptional DPS

Current Progression:
12/12H Ny’Alotha AOTC

What is expected of you:

  1. Please plan to be online 15 minutes prior to raid. We like to have the group formed by 5 minutes to raid time, that way once raid begins, we can get right into the content!
  2. The guild provides food and flasks for progression content in raid. We also share Gems and Enchants. Please ask for any gems/enchants. Keep your gear current!
  3. Come with a positive attitude! We’re all here to accomplish the same task, of downing content, getting geared, and having fun.
  4. We have started running a lottery for the raiding group. This is not mandatory, but fun. 75% of the pot is available to raiders, with 25% of the pot going to the GBank to help with mats/resource costs/GRepairs.

A final note:
We’re a pretty laid back group, with adult raiders, and adult content. We enjoy dad jokes & crude humour all the same. We are fun and casual, but expect everyone to be performing to the best of their abilities once the time comes.

BNet: Mental#1754
Discord: Mental#9967

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Bumping for Tryout on Thursday @ 8pm EST
Btag: Mental#1754

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BTag: Mental #1754

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Cleared 3/8M with 40% Wipe on Ashvane tonight.

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