[H] A52 <Moted> AoTC 9/9H BoD, 2/2H CoS LF DPS/Heals

Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday 8pm-11pm EST

Moted is a new AotC guild focused on clearing AotC each tier, and then pushing as much mythic content as we can. This is a chill group of players who know how to focus up and pull their weight! Our guild is new, but the leaders have been playing since vanilla. Some with extensive CE experience(World top 100). We have a lot of fun during raid and encourage each other to do better each pull! We don’t tolerate toxicity or negativity. Wiping is frustrating, but positive and constructive feedback is how we progress on bosses and friendships!

We love M+ and make sure all members get their 10 done weekly. This is an easy source of loot and is pretty heavily run outside of raid times. Our discord community dates back to UIldir and is extremely active! We need each other to get through the work day!

We typically have Cauldrons and Feasts prepared but not always. We expect all raiders zone in with consumables ready to go! This includes personal Flasks/Food/Potion(pre-pot as well). Gems/Enchants and the correct talents per fight. We expect each raider to watch videos/do research on boss fights preparing themselves.

What we need:
Holy Priest

Melee: High demand
Ranged: Low

Lets talk!
Bnet: Vivix#11410
Discord: Vivix#1141

Looking for great players who want to have fun!

Raid tomorrow!

Still looking for more!

Looking for some more DPS melee in high demand

Still looking for DPS

Bump for some kick A$$ people!!!

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Looking for more dps! <3

Still looking for more DPS!

Bumping for some awesome players! Come raid with us tonight!

Still looking for some Melee to join the fun!

Looking for a couple more dps with melee priority

Still on the look for another one of the follow healers Priest/Pally/Shaman!

Need some shaman/priest/pally heals!

Hi guys just droping in for a quick Bump hope recruiting is going well!

Still on the hunt for Heals!

Hi Sig! Alls good here! I hope you guys are doing great and getting those peeps in!

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Raid tonight! Let’s get you in!

Still looking for more

Looking for more! Flex heals and more ranged dps!