[H] [A52] <Hoversail> 2 Night Mythic Guild (Wed/Thurs 9-12 P.M. EST)

<Hoversail> is a newly formed guild whose main core is 4/8 Mythic Eternal Palace. We are looking to bolster our ranks going into 8.3 and Ny’alotha. Our long-term goals are: building a team capable of pushing Cutting Edge content, maintaining a laid back but professional raiding environment, and pushing high-end Mythic plus content.

Raid Times:

Wednesday/Thursday: 9:00-12:00 P.M. EST

Recruitment Priorities:

Disc/Holy Priest: High

Fire Mage: High

Boomkin: High 

Warlock: High

**We will consider all applicants regardless of our current recruitment needs based on their ability to perform.

You can apply by visiting our website and clicking apply:

or by reaching out to us in-game:

6/8m 7/8 exp. disc priest LF GUILD for 8.3
6/8M 445 Hunter LF Guild for 8.3
440 Resto/Boom or 440 Holy Paly Looking for new home
430 Balance Druid LF Late Night CST
7/8M Ret Paladin
432 CE Experienced Balance Druid LF Guild
4/8 mythic havoc dh looking for mythic guild
Returning Mage LFG
433 Returning Ele Sham
Found Guild
3/8M Ele or Resto Shaman
Boomkin/Resto LFG
4/8M disc priest [H]
445 Mage looking on Thrall (or other servers)
433 Returning mythic ele shaman looking for guild
440 Fury Warrior 9/9M 3/8M XP
4/8M Havoc DH LF Mythic Guild
447ilvl Resto/Balance druid LF Mythic Raiding Guild
434 Benthic / 439 mage looking for guild
Found a guild. Please ignore and take down post, ty
4/8M 442 HPally LFG
440 Shaman LF Guild
6/8M 448 Holy Paladin LFG
7/8M 449 iLvl Holy Paladin LFG
Multiple Recent CE Disc Priest LFG (current :4/8m)
Multi-tier CE DH/Lock returning
4/8 M Rogue LF Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild in 8.3
[H] 438 Shaman LF Late Night Mythic Guild
[H] Mage LF Mythic guild for 8.3
Returning 441 ilvl Paladin LF Raiding Guild
[H] 5/8M Fire Mage LF Guild
440 Ret Paladin LF M/H guild
7/8 M xp Hunter rerolling to DK LF guild
8/8M 439 Holy Paladin LFGuild
[H] 438 Fury Warrior LFGuild
439 Mage LFG
Delete plz
Flex Druid LF CE guild
3 4/8M exp people looking for two night guild
Returning Raider Looking for a guild
7/8 M 443 ilevel Elemental Shaman LFG
450 MW or 440Rsham LFG for after christmas/next tier
449 ilvl BM Hunter LF 8.3 and Beyond
445 Rogue w 425 Mage alt lfg
[H] 5/8M Disc/Holy Priest LF mythic guild
Looking for a Mythic raiding guild
5/8M experienced - looking for 8.3 raid home
446 Warlock LFG
Returning Boomkin and DPS Warrior LF Raiding Guild
[H] 443 Ret pally LF weekend raid guild
CE 7/8M Shaman lf 8.3, EP and beyond
439 Mage or 429 Shadow Priest plus 1-2 healers LFG

Bump! Hoping to find some people who are motivated to push new content next tier!

New day of farming Rank 3 blood, BGs are so fun. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looking for a new home for 8.3 and shadowlands? Look no more, hit us up if you are interested!

Is it Christmas yet? Do I get a day off?

Reset day anyone get anything good?

Bump bump. Still looking for strong applicants.

Strong players looking for a competitive home? Check out Hoversail!

Wednesday? Closer to Friday than we were on Monday right?

In need of a supplier of the memes. Also looking for exceptional dps and healer!!

Hi, hows your Thursday morning going?

Still looking for exceptional players!

Looking for Mythic plus and raiding progression? Here’s the place to stop and check out

Up Up and Away! And Hi Orielys

Recruiting strong dps and a disc priest!

3 more hours until the weekend? Can it come sooner please?

Still looking for exceptional raiders. Let’s get it.

Hmm. Do I farm out another 10k honor for R3 blood this weekend?

In need of a strong Disc Priest and strong dps!!!

Where are my boomy and disc friends at? Fill out our short app if you are interested!!!