Grobbulus Community Links - PSA

Want information on Grobbulus websites and guilds serving the community? Want to add your guild or specialty cross-guild group to the list? Have more discords and websites directly related to our new home? Let me know and I will get it added. I will try to keep the events section current, so if you have an event planned let me know the following: time, place, name, contact person, what it is about!

This is a PSA post that I hope we will keep near the top of the discord, and maybe a sticky?!? Is that possible anymore? If you are a mod or owner of the communities below and want it taken down, or worded differently, please let me know.

Grobbulus Character Profile Forum: Grobbulus Character Profiles create a little blurb so we get to know each other

RP-PVP Map with Guild Base by Morgan Stanos

Online newspapers covering events on Grobbulus: Booty Bay covers Grobbulus Ratchet’s own paper on Grobbulus - Janisther Moonhaze proprieter Redwood opens up shop out of Thunder Bluff to cover Grobbulus on Sept 8 2019, as well as the ongoing sections covering Emerald Dream since

Grobbulus Related Discords:
NA | Grobbulus RP-PvP: Develop RP ideas/Lore Discussions

Grobbulus [NA/RP-PVP]: Advertise/Connect with many Grob citizens

Emerald Dream Classic: Separate roles/channels for guilds

Grobbulus Group Finder: Channels for each dungeon, channels for PvP/PvE grouping, a dungeon finder system using self-assign roles, and roles that provide members with useful info about your character.

Reddit: See what’s hot, vote for your favorites – journals, events, guild and character sections

Wiki: Place to create a page on your character or guild

Guilds: Want to feature your guild on Grobbulus? Send me the discord link, website, and guild name (all three if you like) and I will place them in the sections below.

Clan Hammersong — Dwarves and Gnomes based in Dun Garok

Crimson Dawn— recruitment thread: [A] Crimson Dawn (RP/PvE/PvP )

The Defias Brotherhood — Discord @Links#0736 Full on RP guild, with maybe a bit of PVP later on. If you’re looking to bring Stormwind to their knees for their betrayal, join us. Leadership roles currently open

Kul Tiras Marines — website: discord: and thread: ⚓ [A] Kul Tiras Marines (RP-WPvP/PvE)

No Mercy Mafia — recruitment thread: {RP}<No Mercy Mafia> Horde Will Be Our Slaves! {PvP/PvE} [Recruitment]

Righteous ReclamationDiscord:

Starborne— recruitment thread: [A] <Starborne> Assassin WPvP-RP

Redwood Tribes –-- Trolls, Orcs, and Tauren

Thundering Hammer Clan

Specialty cross-guild groups:
Earthen Ring Escapades Host Okwaho Skyseer – Adventure, share knowledge, and grow the Earthen Ring -

Upcoming Events: Have an Event - Let me know!

  • ​Oct 25th and Oct 26th - 5pm server start (Dueling Tournaments both days starts at 6pm server) Friday/Saturday - Hallow’s End Spooktacular - Vendors, Mini-games, Food and Refreshment and Dueling Tournament with prizes - Sign up now by contacting Okwaho and Blackplague in discord or

  • Oct 30th - Wed. 5pm Server - Call of the Shaman RP event - Meet in the Valley of Spirits, Orgrimmar

  • Oct 30th - Wed. 6pm Server -Rumble in the Jungle 1 Dueling Tournament in Gromgol Host Saphaeren Sneakhoof of Mercenary

  • Nov 1st - Kill Alliance Dead Day! - Horde favorite to celebrate Day of the Dead -WPVP with Redwood - all Horde welcome. Meet in Crossroads, travel the world spilling Alliance blood

  • Nov 3rd - Sun. 4pm server Deadwood Society Meet and Greet -Brill’s Gallows End Tavern

  • Nov 4th - Mon. 6pm server Redwood Roadhouse - Ratchet, Broken Keel Tavern - traditional bar night activities

  • *Nov 6 - Wed. 6pm Server (9pm EST) - Tall Tales and Epic Fables - Thunder Bluff Amphitheater - RP Story telling -co-hosts Earthspear Clan and Redwood Tribes


Sticky, please!


Place a website or discord and a quick info blSt on your guild or website and I will start adding to the main post.

Thundering Hammer Clan -

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Adjusted formatting to fit the preformatted you’re using.

Thank you, hoping more guilds will add to the list! Let’s see who is out here and making this their home :smiley:

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The Defias Brotherhood

We have no website because our GM (Me) has no patience to set one one. Message me on discord at Links#0736 to discuss joining if you are interested. Full on RP guild, with maybe a bit of PVP later on.

If you’re looking to bring Stormwind to their knees for their betrayal, join us. Leadership roles currently open


This is an excellent idea. Hopefully more folks will start posting their guilds and info as well.

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Agreed. Id like to see a really comprehensive list here in the forums. Have you considered going to the Reddit sub and pulling data from their listing?


I noticed our link got truncated so I set up a redirect to make it shorter.

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Kul Tiras Marines

website: http ://

discord: https ://

thread: ⚓[A] Kul Tiras Marines (RP-WPvP/PvE)


I am trying not to just grab things, but I did post that this was being made and got some upvotes in reddit. I will definitely do more reaching out Monday-Tuesday and see what permission I can get from Reddit and others. (IRL just kicked my teeth in the last 12 days of work/70 hours in one week of that) … poor Okwaho will never see lvl 20 at this rate :slight_smile:

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Righteous Reclamation


I have this updated. Get your guild info posted and i will get it added.

Would like everyone to see a ton of choices, because this is a very rich environment.

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Bumping this

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Updated events for tonight and Sunday.

Also linked to that pretty RP-PvP map with the bases.

If you have an event or would like your guild listed please reply and I will get everything added.

Updated the calendar section for some upcoming events!

If you would like your guild or event added, leave a reply! It is that easy :slight_smile:

Updated calendar and added No Mercy Mafia to the guild links.

Leave a msg. here to get your guild added!

Okwaho could you change our link to this please for No Mercy Mafia? Thanks!

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More calendar updates and forum post update!

Advertise your guild, website, and events by posting here!

Usual reminder to check out all the discords, websites, and newspapers supporting Grobbulus and the community we are building here.